This way children also like to wear breathing protection masks

4 MAI 2020


The wearing of protective masks has become mandatory in many areas. What are the advantages and disadvantages of a face mask and how can children be made to like it?

Advantages of TOBALIE masks

  • Light: Due to the low weight they are comfortable to wear
  • Adaptable: The lacing allows them to be adapted to any head shape
  • Hygienic: Washable up to 100° and medically disinfectable
  • Wearing comfort: the shape adapts well to the face
  • Air: The light material is permeable to air and makes it easier to breathe
  • Multiple layers: Insertion compartment for e.g. handkerchief to absorb the breathing moisture
  • Design: Through the neutral male design or the elegant cat design for children and ladies, everyone will find the look to feel good
  • Reusable: Disposable masks pollute the environment, use reusable

Wearing a mask can reduce the spread of diseases. Since many pathogens are spread by droplets, a protective mask prevents other people from being infected when speaking.

Respiratory masks for children

Small children often do not understand why they should put on a mask. It is uncomfortable for them and many parents know the struggle to put a mask on their child. But this does not have to be! TOBALIE has designed breathing masks especially for children in cat look. Dressing up is fun for most children! Dressed up as a cat they like to go outside and are proud of their great disguise.

Pet’s scared?

There are people under the masks, but your pet can’t understand that. Practice with him and show him there’s nothing to fear. For this you put the mask on in front of your dog and reward him. Please do not go closer to him, but rather take a step back and let the dog come by himself. Do not lure him, but confirm every approach to the people with mask positively. If your darling is afraid, try to put on the mask outside the house, if possible, until he gets used to it.


The wearing of protective masks will probably accompany us for some time to come. With a comfortable mask you reduce the spread of diseases and are not restricted in your everyday life. Even children can be made to enjoy the wearing of oronasal masks in a playful way.