FAQ’s about the SARS-CoV-2 /Covid-19

17 MÄRZ 2020


We are currently receiving many questions from concerned pet owners. It is understandable that people are also concerned about their pets and this is basically a good thing. But one thing first: There is no reason to panic!

The informations are confirmed by scientific institutions like FLI, WHO, ECDC and many more.

Can pets be infected with the Covid-19 virus?

No! Currently there is no scientifically proven evidence of infection of our pets.

Can my pet infect me with SARS-CoV-2?

No! Again, it is assumed that animals do not play a role in the spread of the virus and do not pose a risk of infection for humans.

What hygiene measures do I have to take?

Of course, it is now sensible to place special emphasis on hygiene.

  • Avoid close contact with people
  • Stay at home as much as possible
  • Sneeze and cough in the crook of your arm
  • Don’t grab yourself in the face
  • Wash your hands often and thoroughly
  • New way of greeting: no shaking hands or kisses left/right, instead you can bow, wave, smile or touch your feet for example

I have the coronavirus and I’m in quarantine. How should I handle my animal?

  • Find someone outside your household who can walk your pet. It is best to bring the harness and leash from the person and remove it before “returning” your animal so that it does not come into contact with your viruses.
  • Avoid close contact with your pet, especially licking over your face.
  • Regularly clean the sleeping areas of you and your pet, feeding bowls, toys, etc. (preferably at 60°)
  • If you are ill, you should avoid contact with other living beings. Nevertheless the care of your animals must be guaranteed!

I am not infected and should still stay at home. What should I do with my animal?

  • Only make short walks and avoid contact with other people and animals.
  • Keep your animal busy at home to keep it sufficiently occupied.

I had contact with an animal that lives with a sick person, what do I have to consider?

The Covid-19 virus is transmitted via droplets from person to person. However, it can also be transmitted indirectly, as it survives on objects for a few days. So avoid reaching into your face and follow the hygiene measures if you have come into contact with an object or an animal on which corona viruses are most likely to have been transmitted.

How do I keep my animal sufficiently busy at home?

TOBALIE has already stored some articles on this subject under the heading Knowledge: https://tobalie.com/pet-info . For example, search for the word “homemade”, “play” or “learn” and find suitable ways to keep your pet busy!

Are pet shops and veterinarians still open?

Pet shops are open to take care of your pet.

Also, most veterinary practices are still open. Non-essential procedures should be postponed if possible. Call the practice in advance to determine what is most appropriate and how best to proceed with the visit. Waiting rooms should not be crowded, so it is best to wait in the car until it is your turn.

Create an animal profile at TOBALIE to keep an eye on your pet’s health. This can be shared with vets, trainers, sitters, etc. if necessary. This way, carers have all the information they need about your pet!

Do I have to do any hoarding shopping for my pet?

It is ensured that you and your pet are provided with sufficient essential items. However, it never hurts to have a few more cans in stock. Even long-term medication is usually available for several weeks at home anyway. But there is no reason to panic buying hoardings.

How can you make sure that the fear and panic of people is not transferred to your animal? 

Our animals sense our fears and with their 6th and 7th sense they perceive a lot of things that remain hidden to many people. The media stir up our fears. It is of course good to know, but try to do things that give you pleasure. Many people have conscious or unconscious fears. Now you have the opportunity to face these fears, to deal with them and to dissolve them. Your animals show you how it is possible to live in the here and now.

What else can I do and how do I stay healthy?

  • Do not panic, because fear weakens our immune system. Fear creates flight, fight, anger, think of wars. Trade out of love and your joy and listen to your intuition.
  • Fresh air (avoid smoking, especially in the apartment)
  • Eat a healthy diet (fruit, vegetables, pulses, no animal products)
  • Use the time to come to yourself, to realize what is important to you and to think about what you really need in life.
  • Meditate and do things that you don’t have time for otherwise.
  • Offer your help to your neighbours and people around you if they need it.
  • Think positively and take precautions.

Many question clear answer. Follow the prescribed safety and hygiene measures and keep your pet sufficiently busy at home. The Covid-19 is not dangerous for your pet! Think positively and use the time for you and your pet!