TOBALIE wants to give a voice to those, who are unfortunately too often overheard. For us, they are partners, children, playmates, sport mates, training partners, psychologists, medical assistants, friends, cuddly toys, watchers, listeners, helpers, entertainers and much more. They should master all these tasks patiently, lovingly, cheerfully, confidently and reliably. Who are we talking about? … of humans’ best friends … animals. Because these must adapt themselves more and more to the human society and are less and less simply who they are. Many of our animals get civilization diseases like burnout, diabetes, dental diseases, cancer, allergies, … but they don’t give up. They fight to the end to please us, to be there for us and are seldom resentful. Not as we humans, who hardly tolerate it if our animals do not “work”. Misbehavior is embarrassing for many of us and often our own ego stands in the way. In the course of their lives, some animals must endure a lot. TOBALIE thinks it is time to give something back, to let animals be animals again and to treat them species-appropriately. There is so much we can learn from them. A harmonious and respectful relationship would make both sides happy. TOBALIE wants to contribute to show how the contact and the life with the animals is worth living for all living beings. To create a world together, where human and animal feel in harmony!