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This article was written by TOBALIE in cooperation with Nathalie Sari - Tiertraining & Verhaltensberatung

As a pet owner you will sooner or later be faced with the choice of a suitable veterinarian. The medical care of your pet is very important, but which factors play a role?

First of all, there is the question of a veterinary practice or clinic. .

Veterinary practice

+ Mostly fewer patients, thus more time for the individual.

+ Usually in the vicinity of the place of residence.

+ Usually only one doctor, your animal will always be treated by the same doctor.

+ Usually cheaper.

Diagnosis and treatment options often limited (no X-rays, laboratory, ultrasound, …).

– Mostly no emergency service, limited opening hours.

Veterinary clinic

+ Many diagnosis and treatment options on site.

+ Often with emergency service, long opening hours.

+ Various special fields, specialist veterinarians.

– Usually more expensive.

–  often longer journey time.

– Supervision of several veterinarians (best to call beforehand if you always want the same thing).

Longer waiting times, often stressful.

Both have advantages and disadvantages, important in both cases is a good veterinarian:

  • Has a loving contact with the animal
  • You like the way, sympathetic
  • Taking time
  • Knows his/her professional limits and refer you to colleagues if necessary.
  • You have confidence
  • The animal is allowed to arrive and look around
  • Responds to questions
  • Explains what is being done and why
  • Consulted about the various possibilities
  • Doesn’t talk you into anything
  • Treating the animal with love and respect
  • Is not coarse or even violent
  • Has a respectful relationship with colleagues
  • Has a calm charisma
  • Is flexible (must a scare dog be treated on the table? Does he/she respond to the needs of the animals? Is it possible to wait in another room if my animal is afraid? … )
  • You can come and train
  • Responds with animals and humans
  • Is friendly and competent
  • Gives you a cost overview on the invoice guaranteed
  • Your animal is rewarded after the treatment (allergies clarified beforehand)
  • Veterinary training (only pick up treats, weigh them and go home again to make it easier for dogs in particular to get a positive relationship)
  • Keeping the practice clean

The assistants and other team members should also have these characteristics.

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When choosing the practice/clinic it is also important to pay attention to what is personally important to you, for example

  • Opening hours well compatible with your everyday life
  • Is it important to you to always be cared for by the same doctor?
  • Are home visits possible?
  • What additional services could you need (physiotherapy, chiropractic, training, nutritional advice, grooming, animal sitting …)?
  • Direction/parking situation
  • Do you need a specialist veterinarian (not every veterinarian treats e.g. reptiles, rodents, birds, fish, …)?

So there are some things to consider, but the most important thing is to rely on your gut feeling. If you and your animal feel well and well cared for, then it is the right thing to do. You will then be referred to specialists for special examinations.

How often do i have to visit the veterinarian?

Once or twice a year you should go to your vet for a check up. You should bring faecal samples every three months to be examined for endoparasites so that you can deworm if necessary.

If your animal behaves differently, if it seems ill or if something else strikes you, it is better to go to your vet once too much than once too little. Because many animals show only very late, if they are ill and then each minute count, therefore do not wait too long and let go of human preparations and self therapy.

Hopefully you don’t have to go to the vet too often outside the half-yearly check up and your darling stays healthy and fit!


Please let us know if you get a vet via the Map who does not meet the above requirements! Because with us animal love and non-violent working is the top priority.