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Throat inflammation? As unpleasant and painful for our beloved dogs as it is for us humans. In this article you can read how to detect an inflammation and what you can do against it (also preventive).

How does my dog get strep throat?

An throat inflammation can occur in dogs when your darling becomes infected either virally or bacterially. Especially older and/or weakened animals are affected, as well as young dogs and puppies, as their immune system is not yet fully or moderately developed. Mostly either the tonsils (tonsillitis) or the larynx (laryngitis) are affected. A so-called angina arises if the dog coughs and chokes but has an appetite. In this case the infection is rather mild. However, if your dog also develops a fever and appears weakened, the worst case could be a so-called kennel cough.

What are the Symptoms of a sore throat from dogs?

What are the typical symptoms of a throat inflammation? If you notice one or more symptoms in your animal friend, a visit to the vet is definitely advisable.

  • The dog chokes 
  • Coughing attacks (with or without phlegm)
  • Seems weakened, tired and unmotivated to go for walks
  • Snaps at every blade of grass, tries to eat earth, grass or pieces of wood (often the animals want to get rid of the unpleasant feeling in the throat)
  • Loss of appetite
  • Fever
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What can I do, if my dog caught a cold?

The first therapy is to protect the animal. That means: no long walks, no playing with other dogs, no drinking cold water (puddles) and of course no swimming. Also, eating earth, grass and wood must be avoided. 

  • Cough juices (without alcohol, preferably also without sugar)
  • Warm but not hot tea (most animals like it sweetened with a little honey)
  • Herbs: e.g. thyme, sage, spruce, ribwort plantain, fir tops, lungwort repellents (Echinacea) 
  • Vitamins
  • Clarify with your vet whether antibiotic therapy with anti-inflammatory and decongestant agents is necessary. Especially in the case of kennel cough, repeated therapy is important. Otherwise, in addition to chronic tonsillitis, heart or kidney damage can also occur.

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If your darling’s throat is inflamed, it can be very uncomfortable for him. Most of the time they feel like they have a foreign body stuck in their throat. Your trusted veterinarian can certainly inform you and support your beloved pet with medication if necessary. If your darling is currently affected by it, soon improvement!