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This article was written by TOBALIE in cooperation with Nathalie Sari - Tiertraining & Verhaltensberatung

As beautiful as the summer and the hot temperatures may be for us humans, our beloved animals can easily overheat. You can read in this article how to survive the summer with your darling:

Heat Stroke dog: A Medical Emergency

Heat stroke is a life-threatening emergency that must be treated immediately, otherwise shock and multi-organ failure may occur.  Heat stroke can be triggered either by a high ambient temperature or by too much effort. Dogs are very sensitive to heat, most breeds start to cool their body temperature from an outside temperature of 22 degrees by panting more or going to a cool place. Dogs only have sweat glands on their paws, but they have to regulate their body temperature by panting. Especially brachycephal breeds, which already have breathing problems, are particularly endangered.  If one or more signs of heat stroke occur, immediate countermeasures should be taken.  

Symptoms of a heat stroke

  • Fast, flat breathing, strong panting, increased salivation
  • Elevated body temperature 
  • Exhaustion, restlessness, nervousness
  • Mucous membranes pale, glassy eyes
  • Tremors, cramps
  • Bluish tongue
  • Tachycardia, cardiac arrhythmia
  • Vomiting, (bloody) diarrhea
  • Balance disorders, disturbances of consciousness, apathy
  • Coma, unconsciousness
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First aid

  • Get out of the sun! Find a cool, shady place with your dog.
  • Allow to drink water, but it must NOT be too cold (room temperature)!
  • Cooling with water (not ice-cold)! Start with the paws, then work your way up to the belly, to the loins and then to the neck.
  • Cool, wet towels UNDER the dog and change more often. Never lay over it, danger of heat accumulation!  
  • If there are fans or similar in the hand, you can use them additionally. In the car, switch on the air conditioning (not too cold) and also open the windows wide (air circulation).
  • Go see a vet.


  • DO NOT leave your friend alone in the car for a few minutes. Tests have shown that from an outside temperature of 20° the car interior temperature rises exponentially after a very short time and can become a danger to life.  Even with slightly opened windows, the temperature in the car in the sun quickly climbs above 60°.
  • You can move the walks to the morning and evening hours. This way you avoid the midday and afternoon heat.
  • Avoid large amounts of food, as they are an additional strain.  
  • Test with the back of your hand how hot the asphalt is so as not to burn your favourite’s paws.
  • Always carry enough water with you on your walks.
  • Dogs with a lot of undercoat should be brushed and trimmed (dog hairdresser).
  • NO excessive activities in the sun.
  • Too well-intentioned: Set the air conditioners so that they do not directly pull on your pet, because even dogs can catch a cold or get conjunctivitis.  
  • Air at night and darken your apartment by day.  
  • Offer retreat to the bathroom, where he can lie down on cool tiles.  
  • Sunburn: Especially light dogs can get a sunburn, mostly at the bridge of the nose and at the ears. Choose a natural sunscreen without chemicals to protect your darling.

The sunny sides of summer:

  • Off to the cool wet! Here you can find out where you can go swimming with your dog in Vienna and surroundings: Swimming areas Vienna and surroundings
  • Dogs ice cream? Yeah, right! For example, you can freeze your dog’s smoothies in a Kong. So he has a wonderful occupation. By licking out the ice warms up, so he should not get a sore throat.  
  • Water games: Some dogs love to be sprayed with the water hose (always start at the paws) or try to catch the water from the sprinkler.  
  • Your dog’s not a water rat? Also a wet towel or a cooling mat are often gladly accepted.
  • If you have a garden, your dog will be happy about his own paddling pool (sand shells are good, because the claws can’t harm them).
  • Daydream in the shade and let your soul dangle.
  • Hikes in the forest, preferably along a brook.  
  • Enjoy the morning and evening sun.
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A heat stroke can have bad health consequences for the dog. If you suspect overheating do not lose time, provide first aid and see a vet immediately. If you pay attention to a few important points, summer will be fun for you and your loyal companion. TOBALIE wishes you a nice summer and always remember: NEVER leave your dog alone in the car!