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This article was written by TOBALIE in cooperation with Nathalie Sari - Tiertraining & Verhaltensberatung

Do you have a knack for dealing with animals and would you like to work with them professionally? You like to work with your hands and are not afraid of sometimes “challenging customers “on four paws? Perhaps the profession of dog groomer is suitable for you. Everything you need to know about training, job profile and salary can be found in this article. 

How do you become a dog groomer in Austria and Germany?

Unfortunately, there is no state training in these countries yet, so it is not a recognised apprenticeship. This means that, in theory, anyone can open a hairdressing salon for animals (or work in one) without having to provide proof of qualification. 

Of course, in practice it is much more serious and profitable if you can provide proof of specific training and various certificates. After all, who would want to leave their pet in the hands of an untrained career changer? 

Anyone who decides to pursue a career in this direction should have a solid education, which is usually subject to a fee. Unfortunately, there are no fixed standards as far as the quality of the training is concerned; anyone can offer training as a dog groomer. 

Therefore: Watch out for training providers! In addition to specific knowledge acquisition, there should also be a lot of practice on the programme. Because as the saying goes, only practice makes perfect!

 You can find out what you should look for as a dog groomer here: Choosing a pet groomer?

What is the job profile of a dog groomer?

The main tasks are undoubtedly the cutting, clipping and trimming of dogs’ fur, but also cats’ fur, although you can probably count more dogs among your customers. Other animals are of course not excluded, such as rodents. 

 But there are other tasks that a dog groomer should perform:

  • Clipping, trimming and cutting pet hair (by hand or with equipment).
  • Cleaning, bathing, blow-drying
  • Combing and brushing
  • Cutting breed-typical hairstyles (FCI standards) 
  • Claw trimming and paw care
  • Ear and eye care
  • Care of the intimate area 
  • Knowledge of body language, anatomy, skin diseases, allergies
  • Business management tasks
  • Cleaning the working environment 
  • Talking to clients

Often there is cooperation with dog trainers to help fearful or aggressive dogs. Because grooming animals under duress and pressure will only make them fight back even more the next time. That’s why a steady hand and flexibility are needed, especially with such animals. For example, you could take care of the dog on the ground and slowly introduce it to things. 

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Is the profession of dog groomer suitable for me? 

As in every profession, there are some requirements for you as a person. The profession of dog groomer is only recommended to people who bring the following things with them:

  • Of course, a heart for animals and a knack for dealing with them.
  • But also for people, because contact with pet owners is naturally part of the job
  • No animal (hair) allergies should be a given
  • A penchant for creating something with your hands
  • An eye for detail
  • Fearlessness and intrepidity, because injuries can never be completely ruled out when working with animals.
  • Patience, empathy and sensitivity
  • Accurate and clean work
  • Not afraid of dirt and bad smells
  • You should also not be disgusted by possible small wounds and parasites.
  • Ability to work in a team and social skills
  • Ethical awareness

How much does a dog groomer earn?

It is difficult to give a general answer to this question. As an employee you will get a roughly constant monthly salary, as a self-employed person a fairly variable salary. 

If you start your own business, you will of course set the prices for various services. The more qualified and ambitious you are, the more profitable your income will probably be.

However, many shop owners offer other services and goods to supplement their income. In most cases, food, care utensils and pet accessories are offered for sale. Accordingly, it makes sense to educate yourself in various areas in order to earn a lucrative salary.

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Wash, lay, blow-dry please! A sentence we do not only address to hairdressers for humans these days. Our beloved four-legged friends also want to be pampered and sometimes need a haircut or something similar. As a dog groomer, you also have the opportunity to work professionally with animals, but this profession is not suitable for everyone.