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Nathalie Sari - Tiertraining & Verhaltensberatung

This article was written by TOBALIE in cooperation with Nathalie Sari - Tiertraining & Verhaltensberatung

In the course of a pet’s life, a number of pieces of paper accumulate. In order to put an end to the “paper chaos”, it is useful to store all important pet findings digitally. Create a pet profile and save all findings digitally. This way you always have them with you and can share them with experts and sitters at any time. What advantages does this have?

What pet findings should you save?

Medical records:

  • Blood results
  • Ultrasound findings
  • CT findings
  • Laboratory findings (e.g. rabies titer determination, faecal examinations, allergy…)
  • Health certificates

Vaccinations are to be entered separately in the vaccination certificate.

Other documents:

  • Documents from the breeder, animal welfare organisation or animal shelter. Depending on the origin and breed/mixed breed, this usually includes the purchase contract, pedigree, examinations etc.
  • Certificates of attendance (e.g. certificate of competence, dog driving licence, etc.)
  • Certificates (e.g. for sporting events, competitions, etc.)
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Why store digitally?

  • – Slips of paper get lost quickly, and a folder can also get lost during a move.
  • – Papers/folders are usually confusing and it takes a long time to find the right document.
  • – Papers and folders are usually left at home. If you have to go to a veterinary clinic (spontaneously), you can’t show them the current findings. That’s why some examinations usually have to be redone.
  • + Everything is safely stored digitally and cannot get lost.
  • + You can quickly find what you are looking for digitally and have a good overview.
  • + Digitally, you always have everything important with you and can share documents with your vet at any time. They don’t need to scan anything in but can assign the findings directly to your file.
  • + Digitally, you can share the animal profile with family, sitters and co. This way, they also have access to the important documents at any time in an emergency.

Where can I get a digital health record for pets?

Create a pet profile to use the health record and much more. On the go, you can access pet findings quickly and at any time with the TOBALIE app. 

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Creating a digital medical record for your pet is very helpful and useful. In case of an emergency, you have all the important documents in order, at hand and you can even share them. Have fun creating your pet profile.