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A matted fur is not only an aesthetic problem. Our animals can also suffer physically. The skin underneath can become inflamed and cause pain. Uninvited “guests” such as parasites or vermins can settle down and have health consequences. Also the knots of the matted areas pull permanently on the skin, which is naturally very unpleasant. Therefore it is advisable not to let matting develop.

Advantages of regular fur care

You can read a lot of things about the fur. Apart from matting and co., scales and a dull, dull and bad smelling coat can be a sign for a lack of grooming, but also diseases. If you groom your pet regularly you avoid a matted fur. A detailed coat care should be part of the routine, because there are many health benefits:

  • Brushing works like a massage, the blood circulation is strongly stimulated.
  • New, healthy hair can grow back better.
  • Promotes the human-animal relationship, intensifies the bond with your pet.
  • Can have a calming and decelerating effect (also for you ;)).
  • Unwanted guests, such as ticks, fleas and co. can be found more quickly.
  • Also dirt remains, dead skin particles etc. are removed.
  • Skin changes (crusts, bald spots…) can be detected faster.
  • Fur remains supple, so brushing does not hurt. (If matted it can be unpleasant).

The right care

Matted fur is a sign of incorrect or insufficient fur care. Incorrect means that the wrong grooming utensils or products may be used. A superficial brushing will hardly be able to disentangle a dense undercoat. The first step is therefore to find out which fur needs which grooming products. Depending on the breed and fur quality, there are differences in the choice of brushes, combs and Co.

Also keep in mind that not every animal likes or is used to such a grooming program. Such a “trimming session” can be quite unpleasant, especially if it is not done properly. Then your pet can even develop a real aversion to it. 

The daily fur care should be trained and accustomed positively from an early age. However, if you are worried about doing something wrong, you can of course also visit a professional pet hairdresser. 

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What should you pay attention to?

  • Bathing should remain the exception and only with special dog or cat shampoos. (Never use baby shampoo as the ph value of human and animal skin is different).  
    After the walk or if the animal is slightly dirty, it can be rinsed off with clear lukewarm water. 
  • Choose a relaxed setting. Although fur care can have a relaxing effect, it will not calm a panicky animal.
  • Always associate it with something positive! Treats and a lot of encouragement are especially helpful for animals that are rather averse to grooming. An entertainment tool like a Lickimat can also distract your pet and make fur care easier. 
  • In case of skin changes or similar, consult a veterinarian.

How often?

That depends on the fur of your pet. Especially long-haired animals need to be brushed regularly. The best thing is to have this checked by a pet hairdresser. They can also tell you how often you should come to the saloon or give you tips for grooming at home. 

Katze genießt Fellpflege


Knots and feltings in the fur can sometimes also lead to health problems. Regular fur care is therefore essential. However, there are differences with regard to the utensils and the style. Enjoy the feel-good programme with your valued four-legged friend.