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This article was written by TOBALIE in cooperation with Mobile Tierbestattung Kukla e.U

…over the Rainbow Bridge. For the relatives, the ascent of a close soul is usually associated with pain. Often the question arises what should happen to the body after death.

Every living being is unique. Your animal has accompanied you for a while on your path of life, has been a friend to you and deserves to be allowed to rest in peace.

Here you can see what options you have.


In principle, individual pets may be buried on your own property as long as they are not suspected of being infected (groundwater contamination). Dig at least one meter deep into the ground and put your pet in a wooden coffin or cardboard box. Then place a heavy stone on the closed grave so that wild animals don’t dig it up again.

In some federal states, however, there are restrictions. Ask the magistrate or the municipal office about this. Be aware that you see the resting place every day and think about what happens if you sell the property.

You can also buy your animal a grave in an animal graveyard. They will gladly help you with the grave design and care. The burial is similar, as with us humans.


In most cases, the funeral director picks up your darling. Your pet will be cremated, so you have the possibility to make a memory out of the ashes.

If you don’t want a souvenir, you can also have your animal burned with dignity in a collective cremation (at least 5 animals).


You can also bring your darling to the rendering plant yourself or leave him at your vet. There all animals are handed over to the animal body disposal and burned.

Funeral provision

Of course, these things cost money. Therefore, some funeral directors, like mobile animal burial Kukla e.U, offer a kind of insurance. So you can save money while your pet is still alive and discuss your wishes without time pressure and grief. Which kind of funeral you would like to have, which memories and so on. On the day of your death, you no longer have to worry about the formalities.



Burying a family member is hard. A dignified funeral and a few souvenirs can help to better cope with the pain. In any case, take the time to say goodbye “Letting go is easier than holding on and yet it is harder”. – Detlev Fleischhammel. TOBALIE wishes you much strength in this difficult time.