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The death of a beloved animal is difficult for all involved. As a family member it was firmly anchored in everyday life and suddenly something is missing. Every relative needs time to grieve and to process the loss.

Your darling will never be forgotten and people like to remember the beautiful time together. There are several ways to make the memories of your pet more tangible. In addition to the classic grave, there are different ways to immortalize your pet.

Pet Urn

After the cremation you get the ashes of your pet in an urn home with you. You can design the urn individually according to your ideas. At home you can place it at a place of your choice.


A beautiful and creative souvenir is the memory crystal. There are several ways to incorporate the animal’s ashes into the crystal. One of the most common ways is to use a glassblower to shape the glass, mixed with the ashes. The crystal is made according to your ideas.


Similar to the crystal, the diamond is also created from the hair or ashes of the animal. Again, you can decide what the final result will look like. However, this variant is very expensive, because a real diamond is created at the end. A very special memory.


This is a way to carry your darling with you at all times. The hair or the ashes of the animal are pressed to a piece of jewellery. It can be a ring or a pendant. You can design the piece of jewellery according to your ideas.

You can also immortalize the paw print or a photo on a piece of jewellery.

Paw print

There are different ways to immortalize the paw print. You can paint the paw with colour and then press it on a piece of paper to make a coloured impression. Another possibility is the plaster cast. You press the paw into a plaster mass and wait until it hardens. Then you can hang the impression on the wall.


You can have a picture painted with your animal’s ashes. The ashes are mixed with the paint and then immortalized on canvas. But you can also have your favourite photo drawn on canvas, for example. The artist takes your picture as a template and draws it like the original.



Just as your animal and you are individual, there are many possibilities of unique memory. Having a souvenir is something beautiful, but your darling will always be in your heart.