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This article was written by TOBALIE in cooperation with Nathalie Sari - Tiertraining & Verhaltensberatung

The days are getting shorter, the nights longer. The forest turns yellow and red to release the leaves. What is there to consider in autumn with dog?


Our dogs have usually no problem in the darkness, since their senses are sharper than ours. Therefore we humans often have a queasy feeling to go outside in the darkness. This insecurity can transfer to your darling. So be sure to walk with the same pleasure as in sunshine. Go on familiar or illuminated paths where you feel safe.

You can also arm yourself with a flashlight to illuminate the path. It’s best to give your dog a light bulb, such as a light collar, so he doesn’t get out of sight.

In the dark months of the year, wear bright robes and use reflectors for yourself and your pet to be better noticed by cars and others.


Is your dog a good hunter? Then you should leave him on the drag line during your walks in the darkness. Because in the protection of darkness all kinds of wild animals float around.

Change of coat

In autumn many get their winter fur. You can help your dog by brushing him more often and supplying him with high-quality food and oils.

dog harness that fits your dog


In the warm autumn days the so-called autumn grass mites are active. Like ticks in grass and leaves, they wait for a host and then sit on the thin skin (bridge of the nose, toes, stomach, eyes, …) to feed on the upper layer of skin. This leads to itching, redness, crusts and skin changes. Go to your vet to relieve the symptoms. Autumn grass mites cannot be transferred to other animals and are not dangerous. All larvae are killed by frost at the latest.


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Autumn food

We humans are not the only ones looking forward to the delicacies in autumn. How you can offer your dog a culinary change can be found here: The best autumn recipes


What could be nicer than a trip to the colourful autumn forest? Walks in the forest, playing in the foliage and romping on the meadows are sure to be fun for your darling and you will also benefit from the fresh air and relaxed autumn atmosphere.

If your dog has joint problems, the symptoms can unfortunately worsen on wet and cold days. Take shorter walks and keep him warm.

It is also often gossipy in such weather. Many dogs love the muddy weather. You should let your dog the fun of a nice mud bath every now and then. At home simply shower with clear, lukewarm water and he is like new again.

Be careful when playing with chestnuts, acorns, etc. These can lead to intestinal obstruction if your darling swallows them. Chewing on it can also lead to vomiting and diarrhoea due to the tannins it contains. So it is better to play with suitable dog toys.

Hund im Herbst


In autumn with dog you can make many beautiful trips! Pay attention to safety, especially in the dark, then you will certainly get through the autumn season well.