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Why aren’t dogs allowed in the supermarket?

A dog on a leash in front of a supermarket, waiting longingly for his owner, is not uncommon. But dogs in the supermarket are hardly ever seen. Have you ever wondered why it is forbidden by law to take a dog to a grocery store? Are there any exceptions? And is it advisable to leash your dog alone in front of a shop?

Hygienic conditions according to food protection law

You might ask yourself why dogs are allowed in a restaurant, for example, but not in a supermarket? The reason is simply explained. For reasons of hygiene, animals may not be kept or carried in rooms where open food are handled. Restaurants have a separate area where the food is processed. You are also not allowed to take your cat with you if your best friend is in a carrying basket or in a transport box. However, there are legal exceptions here as well.

Exception: Assistant dogs

Assistance dogs help people with special needs to cope with everyday life. The term includes guide dogs for the blind, signal dogs (for deaf or hard of hearing persons), epileptic service dogs and general service dogs. They are subject to special statutory provisions. According to the Federal Disability Act, assistance dogs are allowed to accompany their owners to grocery stores and public buildings (offices, hospitals). The argument is based on the Equal Treatment Act. So if you ever see dogs in the supermarket, then they are most likely therapeutic companion dogs. The prerequisite for this is a clear identification of the dog and the note in the disabled person’s passport.  

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Never leave unattended

You may be surprised, but dognapping actually happens more often than you think. Every week, the police receive such reports. The motives of the thieves are various: from “dognapping”, thus the attempt to blackmail ransom for your dog, up to sadistic motives on the part of the robbers is unfortunately everything with it. Especially sweet animals that let themselves be seduced with a treat, quickly become victims of kidnappings.

For this reason never to tie your darling alone in front of a shop, the danger is waiting everywhere. It doesn’t have to be theft, either. Keep in mind that your four-legged friend is also exposed to any form of attack, your dog can suffer from enormous separation anxieties and there is a certain danger of strangulation.  

So think carefully whether it is necessary for your dog to accompany you to shopping or whether it is better to take a nice walk afterwards. If your dog doesn’t like to stay home alone turn to a Trainer.


Dogs in the supermarket? In shops where open food is advertised, it is generally forbidden to take animals with you. With assistance dogs, however, an exception is made. Leash your dog outside the store and leave it unattended? TOBALIE clearly says NO.