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As the owner of an animal, we always want the best medical care, in case our pets are missing something. If your pet has problems with the musculoskeletal system, a vet should always be consulted. However, a chiropractor for dogs, cats and co. can definitely contribute to their recovery and is always useful for every animal as an alternative medical treatment method.

What is chiropractic?

Chiropractic is a manual method of treatment that restores the mobility of all joints, especially the spine. The full mobility of the spine is in fact necessary to avoid muscle tensions and faulty information conduction of the nerves that protrude between the vertebrae. A lack of mobility is called a blockade, which can have many different causes.

How does a chiropractic problem arise?

Blockades in the spine cause various problems such as pain. Back pain in animals is mainly manifested by a change in posture and refusal to perform the required work. For example, if your pet “does not listen” and does not want to sit or lie down on your signal. A certain gentle posture is adopted to compensate for the pain. This results in more serious problems, such as joint changes. These in turn lead to pain and muscle wasting. Unfortunately, this results in a worsening of the initial problem.

The task of a chiropractor for dogs, cats and co. is to break this vicious circle and to remove the blockade with targeted pressure (adjustment) and to relieve the pain or make it disappear completely.

How does a blockade develop?

  • Micro- and macrotrauma caused by falls, stumbling, slipping, getting stuck or surgery
  • Phenotype, the external appearance, caused by a too long back or other characteristics
  • Birth problems, especially heavy births
  • Lack of exercise
  • Too high performance, any kind of tournament preparation and the actual competition
  • Age in combination with overweight
  • Rider as well as shoeing and saddle can also cause blockades in the horse
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What types of blockades are there?

Complete blockade: The joint cannot be moved in any direction.

Partial blockade: The joint can be moved, but the range of motion is limited.

Unilateral blockade: The joint can only be moved in one direction.

Adjustment: A technique to release blockades

This is understood to be a pressure action carried out in a specific direction, at low depth but high speed. The specific direction is necessary to move the joints only in their mobility. The shallow depth prevents damage to the soft tissues (muscles, tendons, connective tissue…) The high speed stimulates muscle receptors which relax the muscle.

When you should see a chiropractor for dogs, cats or other animals

The chiropractic treatment is not a substitute for conventional medicine, but as an effective supplement! If you feel that your darling is in pain, is behaving differently or has had an operation, an appointment with a chiropractor is definitely advisable. Have your pet examined by your vet. An x-ray or similar may be useful to find out the causes. You can then go to a chiropractor with the findings and give your pet the best possible support in healing.

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When an animal is in pain, it is not only a torment for the animal, we as owners also suffer with it. Fortunately, there is academic medicine, but there are also alternative treatment options to help our beloved pets.