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Have you ever heard of Bach flowers? This holistic healing method can support your four-legged friend with some emotional conflicts. What exactly Bach flowers for dogs are and how you apply them, we now look more closely.

What are Bach flowers?

Bach flowers were named after the British doctor Dr. Edward Bach, who studied the relationship between various states of mind and symptoms of disease.

Accordingly, Bach flower therapy has been around for almost 100 years. According to Dr. Bach’s observations, Bach flowers are used to harmonize mental disharmonies and thus bring body and soul back into harmony.

Bach flowers are essences of various flowers of wild plants or spring water. Thus, there are Bach flowers as essence of flowers, shrubs and trees, such as beech or aspen.

They are therefore ideal as a complement to veterinary therapies, especially because Bach flowers for dogs can help to balance emotional imbalances and thus eliminate the cause of a disorder.

How do Bach flowers affect dogs?

Bach flowers work in the mental-emotional area of our dogs. By selecting the appropriate Bach flowers, negative states of mind can be balanced and harmonized.

An anxious dog can become more relaxed or less jumpy.

An overly affectionate dog learns to become independent.

An insecure dog can build confidence.

A tired dog can regain a zest for life and willpower.

The list of effects is long.

There are 38 different Bach flowers, which are divided into 7 groups according to the states of mind.

There are Bach flowers to compensate for:

  • fear
  • insecurity
  • despair and discouragement
  • excessive worry
  • loneliness
  • hypersensitivity
  • difficulty concentrating or severe withdrawal.

Bach flowers for dogs as a complement to veterinary treatment: possibilities of holistic approach.

The use of Bach flowers for dogs is one of the holistic healing methods. These consider all 3 levels of the animal – body, mind and soul – and try to bring them into harmony.

Holistic medicine knows about the connections between body, mind and soul. A sick mind can also make the body sick. A sick body often leads to psychological or mental problems.

Very often abnormalities manifest on the subtle level. Problems thus often begin at the level of the mind or soul. If these disharmonies are not recognized and harmonized accordingly, the body eventually falls ill. In the therapy of orthodox medicine, the focus is on the elimination of symptoms that characterize the disease.

In the therapy of holistic medicine the balance of all 3 levels is the goal. Here, the main thing is to look for the cause of the disharmony, so to speak, as the beginning of the “derailment”.

Especially in the case of chronic diseases of our pets, the cause often lies in the mental or emotional area. If one wants to eliminate the problem at the root, it needs other methods than medicines.

This is where holistic healing methods come into play, which also include Bach flowers.

How are Bach flowers for dogs used?

Are there side effects?

For the application of Bach flowers in dogs, it is important to know that Bach flowers are energy essences and not medicines. Bach flowers cause a change in the subtle realm. They do not cause side effects, in the worst case they simply do not fit the prevailing disharmony pattern and do not work.

Nevertheless, Bach flowers should not be given arbitrarily and without guidance. The application and dosage should always be guided by a professional.

In what form are Bach flowers for dogs used?

Bach flowers or Bach flower mixtures are mostly produced in drop form. Here it is important to use drops without added alcohol, which is often added to improve the shelf life of drops for humans.

However, Bach flower mixtures can also be produced in the form of globules, which should be given directly into the mouth of the dog.

How are the Bach flowers given to the dog?

The drops are best given through drinking water or on a small treat.

The effect of the Bach flowers unfolds through the contained information, which is absorbed through the mucous membranes. Therefore, a small time interval should be kept to the food, so that the drops can be absorbed well.

If you administer the drops through the drinking water, it is no problem if other animals also drink from it.

How are Bach flowers for dogs dosed?

The dosage is done by the amount of drops and depends on the size of the dog (between 6 and 12 drops) and the time interval of the doses. If you give the drops only once a day, the single amount is larger than if you give them several times a day.

The application of Bach flowers should be done over several weeks, so that the organism has time to harmonize.

If you do not notice any change in your dog after 3-4 weeks, please have the mixture and the selection of flowers checked!


Bach flowers for dogs are a valuable support for emotional health and can have an impact on many areas. If you want your dog to benefit from them, please find an expert to create the ideal blend for your pet.