This article was written by TOBALIE in cooperation with Cleo Ruisz - Tiermalerin

Art can already be found in the form of cave painting about 40,000 years ago. It is one of the oldest ways to immortalize pictures from our lifes. Today there are many different color and painting techniques. As different as  tastes are, as diverse are the works of art. There is one special form of art – animal paintings

Animal artwork

Animal Painting - realistic cat

Have you always wanted to immortalize your darling in the form of a picture? How abaout animal paintings? Your pet will be painted on canvas according to your favourite photo. Here you can decide whether you want a classic, natural picture or a parodied one. The first one looks real. A parody is a humorous modification of the original. Usually the character or conspicuous externalities are represented in an extreme way. But also simply colourful snapshots, which make you laugh every day, look good on your wall. Besides pencil, watercolor and charcoal, acrylic painting is a common variation, but oil paintings also look beautiful on canvas. Due to the high pigment content in the color, the strong colors have a good opacity.

But not only on the wall does such a picture look really great. There is the possibility to have the finished work of art printed on bags, for example.

Ash painting

In addition to the usual animal portraits, pictures can also be painted with ashes to keep your darling forever in mind. Information you can find under Pet Map Artist Cleo Ruisz.

Animal painting - ash Painting


Whether as a gift or for your own four walls, a handmade unique piece is always something very special. A picture of your pet will be individually painted according to your ideas. So you have an absolute eye-catcher at home and a unique memory.