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Some people look forward to their holiday with a dog at the seaside all year round. But where is there a dog beach? Is seawater good for dogs? What does your pet need for a day at the seaside? You can find all the important information for your perfect summer holiday here.

Are dogs allowed on the beach?

Our four-legged friends are not welcome everywhere. But there are some places where dogs are allowed in the water. Most of the beaches are marked as “dog beaches” where dogs are allowed to let off steam. On some beaches, dogs are only allowed in the low season, while others invite their four-legged friends to play all year round. It’s best to find out what rules apply to dogs at your holiday destination before you travel.

Where are there nice dog beaches?

When booking your holiday, find out how dog-friendly the place is. You will find many nice dog beaches on the North Sea, in France, Scandinavia (Denmark, Finland, Sweden), in Croatia and also in Italy.

Sandy and pebbly beaches are more suitable, as it is difficult for dogs to climb out of the water on rocky beaches. They should be able to get in and out easily and have space to play on the beach.

What rules apply at the dog beach?

Similar to dog zones, you should also follow certain rules on dog beaches. Even if there are no official rules posted, you should take the dog zone rules to heart here too. Be considerate of others and always keep an eye on your pet. This is the only way to ensure a harmonious visit to the beach. The better this works, the more likely it is that more dog beaches will be established.

What do you need to pack for your dog at the seaside?

You can find a holiday checklist here: Packing list for the dog. Especially for a day at the beach, you should bring enough fresh water, a harness + leash, poop bags, shade (parasol, beach shell, etc.), possibly a dog life jacket and treats.

dog harness that fits your dog

Is salt water harmful to the dog?

If your dog is a water lover, he can of course go swimming in the sea. Please don’t force your dog to go in if he doesn’t want to do it on his own! When swimming, you should pay particular attention to your dog’s stamina, because if you forget the time because you’re having so much fun, you might not only have sore muscles afterwards, but you might also be pretty exhausted. More on the dangers later.

Salt water should not be drunk! Your dog must always have fresh water available to quench his thirst, otherwise he might get the idea of trying seawater. Even when swimming, the dog can always swallow some salt water. Salt water is harmful in large quantities (and even in small quantities for sensitive stomachs)! It irritates the stomach, causes vomiting and diarrhoea, which leads to water loss and dehydration.

What are the dangers at the dog beach?

  • Sand: The sand can become very hot and, like asphalt, can burn your dog’s paws. Swallowing a few grains of sand is unavoidable, but your darling should not eat the sand, as this can lead to blockages which, in the worst case, require surgical treatment. Grains of sand can also have unpleasant consequences for the eyes (conjunctivitis, corneal injury), the ears (bacteria, inflammation) and the paws (rubs on the skin between the toes and leads to inflammation).
  • Heat: In high temperatures, your dog should stay in the shade to avoid heat stroke.
  • Water temperature: If the water is very cold, your dog can catch a cold or even get water rut. This will inflame the base of the tail and he will no longer be able to wag it.
  • Salt: As already mentioned, salt water should not be drunk. In the short term, salt water can be beneficial on the skin and coat, for example in the case of eczema. However, please shower your dog well afterwards with clear water to avoid drying out the skin. This is because this can lead to itching and inflammation.
  • Waves: Watch out for the current! Do not let your dog go into the sea when the waves are high. Inexperienced four-legged friends in particular run the risk of being submerged by the wave, losing their orientation and, in the worst case, drowning.
  • Jellyfish: Some marine animals can also be dangerous to our four-legged friends.
  • Drowning: Make sure that your pet does not swim too far out and has enough strength to come back. A suitable exit point is also important so that your dog is not trapped in the water.

What should you do after visiting the dog beach?

– Shower: Clean the salt and sand off your dog in the shower! Equipment should also be rinsed off so that it doesn’t become brittle and broken.

– Drink and eat: A day at the seaside is quite exhausting. Let your darling drink a lot during and afterwards and give him food to take up the lost calories again.

– Rest: Dogs need a lot of sleep and are often not used to so much sport and action. Make sure your pet gets enough rest and doesn’t overexert himself.

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Enjoying a holiday with your dog is wonderful. If your four-legged friend is also happy at the dog beach, it’s a successful day at the seaside. Make sure you take care of a few things so that nothing happens to your pet in the cool water and you return home relaxed and safe.