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This article was written by TOBALIE in cooperation with Nathalie Sari - Tiertraining & Verhaltensberatung

As a dog owner you know what you are talking about, no matter if it is stormy or snowing or if nature shows its best side, you have to walk your dog every day and at every time, if necessary. Here you can read general tips for a stress-free walk and where a visit to Vienna and its surroundings is worthwhile. There a lot of destinations and parks for dogs. Try something new the next time.

The best parks and excursion destinations in Vienna and near Vienna

In Vienna there are about 61,000 (registered) Dogs, which can let off steam in 176 fenced dog zones without leash and muzzzle. Of course it is hard to list all parks for dogs, but there are already a few that have some special features and are definitely worth a visit.

Parks for dogs

  • Angelibad: In the 21st district there is a dog zone in which the dogs are allowed to go swimming in the Danube.  
  • Donau-Auen-Lobau National Park: the Lower Austrian part of the Donau-Auen-Lobau National Park is also subject to a leash obligation, but dogs are also allowed in the water at Mühlwasser in the 22nd district. The following destinations are also suitable for swimming lovers: Bathing pond Hirschstätten, Rosenwasser in the Prater (Heustadlwasser), Kaiserwasser, Upper Old Danube in the dog zone Angelibad
  • Prater: Here you can find the biggest dog free running zone in Vienna. This stretches over 300,000 m², but is not fenced.
  • Auer-Welsbach-Park: This unfenced dog area, in the middle of Vienna, is suitable for walks in between as it is easily accessible by underground. But beware: If your dog cannot come back when you call him, he runs the risk of running all the way to the street.
  • Tiefauwiese in Schwarzenbergpark: This is one of the largest dog exercise areas in the 17th district of Vienna. This dog zone isn’t fenced.
  • Eßlinger Furt: This area near Reinholdgasse in the 22nd district of Vienna is considered a particularly dog-friendly nature reserve with a 3000 m² fenced dog zone.  
  • Löwygrube park: accommodates a huge dog exercise area, but no fence.
  • Bad Fischau/ Brunn: This dog zone in Lower Austria is also worth a visit. Over 30,000 m² invite you to play extensively.  
  • There are a lot more parks for dogs, these are just a few very beautiful ones.

Other destinations for dogs

  • Danube Island North: Dogs are allowed to run freely in this area. It is is located between the Nordbrücke and the Floridsdorferbrücke on the left bank of the Danube. There is also a water access with a 500 meter long beach.
  • Dog Beach South: It is located between Stadlauer Ostbahnbrücke and Praterbrücke and is 800 meters longer than the one in the north.
  • Cobenzl: Here are many city footpaths (9 in Vienna) and you have a wonderful view over Vienna and some amizing “Heurigen” for owners
  • Wienerberg: A walk around the Wienerberg lake takes about ¾ hour, there are dog zones, dogs should always be leashed, but can get into the water.
  • 1st Viennese water pipe route: Placed in the Höllental and leads along the beautiful Schwarza, wonderful view of the mountains.
  • Helenental: great hiking trails, also recommended on hot days, as the trees provide plenty of shade, has a dog exercise zone, in the Schwechat your dog  can cool down
  • Pioneer island Klosterneuburg: great sandy beach, but after this adventure you should free your dog carefully from the sand.
  • You can find more areas where your darling can let off steam and play to his heart’s content in our Pet Map.

Tips and general guidelines

  • Only in signposted dog zones your dog can move freely, otherwise everywhere is leash or muzzle obligation. “List dogs” must also wear a muzzle in unfenced dog exercise zones.
  • As a dog owner in Vienna, I must take an liability insurance for my dog in order to insure against possible personal injury or damage to property.
  • So-called “list dogs” now have to carry both when they move in public. Also a dog handler licence is obligatory for some breeds.
  • With a sick or infectious animal you should avoid places where many dogs cavort. Your female dog is in heat?Please avoid these places, because it is unfair towards the males and your female dog is not left in peace.  
  • It is also up to you to estimate when your dog will get too much and it is time to leave the situation. For example, if your darling doesn’t like other dogs, avoid times of the day when many dogs are out and train social behaviour (Trainer-Pet Map).
  • Also in the dog zone it is necessary to eliminate the pile of muck of his dog and to keep it clean.   
  • Always pay attention to the welfare of your animal, water should always be carried along, breaks should be taken, pay attention to the temperatures (with heat overheating threatens), pay attention to the respective subfloors
  • No walk under the influence of drugs or alcohol! As with driving a car, you should always be alert and keep an eye on the situation.
Hund an Leine in Stadt


There are many dog zones in Vienna and near Vienna. Respect others and take care of your dog, because especially in fenced areas there is often no possibility to avoid a dog or special situation and so it may come to disputes. Now go out into the fresh air, search for your favourite dog zone and save it in your profile to your favourite places.