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Especially when on holiday with a dog, most people want to enjoy their well-deserved leisure time together with their four-legged darling. But once you have finally agreed on a destination that is equally suitable for humans and animals, you are faced with the difficult question of finding suitable accommodation. Even though the demand for dog-friendly hotels has led to a steadily growing number of offers for holidaymakers with dogs, there are still many stumbling blocks on the way to the ideal hotel. Because not in all hotels where dogs are allowed, the four-legged friends feel comfortable or really welcome.

Tips for the right planning

Whether your dog really feels comfortable in the selected hotel is decisive for the hoped-for recovery factor. When booking a hotel, you should therefore pay particular attention to whether your pet is really welcome or just tolerated.

Think about where you want to take your dog. Is your darling allowed to move around in the hotel rooms? The dining room, bar and wellness area are often taboo for the dog. Is there a garden or a restricted dog area, possibly even with access to water?

Suitable accessories, such as a basket for sleeping, a feeding bowl or brochures on suitable dog activities in the area can be helpful. Find out about well-known and proven leisure activities for your animal.

Action or chill? Decide whether you want an active or relaxed holiday with your dog. Depending on that you should look for accommodation with suitable hiking trails in the area or a wellness area. Inform yourself before you complete the booking: The best way to clarify these questions is by phone, the first impression of room photos and ratings will also give you an idea of what dog-friendliness really looks like.

The type of accommodation should also be considered. If you don’t want to think about anything and want to be catered for, a hotel with half or full board is most suitable. If you want to be self-catering, apartments or cabins are also possible.

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Dog hotel prices

Pay particular attention to offers and packages for people and dogs as well as rooms that offer enough space. Clarify whether the staff is used to handling dogs. Even if your hosts turn out to be true dog lovers, you should secure yourself financially in advance. Check your insurance for actual liability in case your pet causes damage.

Many accommodations allow dogs, but sometimes charge extra for their stay – on average about 10-25 euros per night excluding food. Sometimes an additional final cleaning fee is added because of the dog’s hair.

Dog sitting, training or various additional services are usually charged extra.

Find doghotels with “Woof” effect

The search is worthwhile, because more and more accommodations are specializing in overnight offers that promise wellness for both animals and humans, and are investing a lot of money in dog-friendly services and animal wellness accommodations. In some places, in addition to walker services, day care, dog parcours, guided dog walks, fenced run-out areas, dog bathing areas, a visit to the groomer and a vet service are offered.

So the fun with the dog is also guaranteed.


Your dog should have a friendly contact with conspecifics and people. If you go to a farm, your pet should also get along with other animals and not chase the chickens around the farm. It is also worth training in advance if you want to stay alone in unfamiliar surroundings. Just because your darling can get along wonderfully alone at home, he doesn’t have to be just as relaxed in strange rooms. If he then starts barking in the room, not only other guests will feel disturbed, but especially for your dog this means enormous stress.

Even though some hotels are optimally equipped in terms of dogs, it can make sense to pack your pet’s cuddly bed, food bowls or favourite toys so that he has something familiar with him.

Further important information and packing lists can be found here: Travel with dog, first-aid kit and checklist.

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There are more and more holiday accommodations that make dogs’ hearts beat faster. Think about a few points in advance. So your holiday with dog will be an unforgettable holiday experience for you and of course for your beloved four-legged friend.