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If dog parents marry, the dog may not be missing of course. As a member of the family he simply belongs to it. But how can a wedding with a dog look like? When should you leave the dog at home? If you want to have your dog with you on your big day, you can find all the important information here.

Tips for the wedding with dog

Look for a dog representative

Preferably someone who knows your dog. Discuss in advance what needs to be taken care of. Give the responsibility on the day to the sitter (guest, family member or actually sitter).

Avoid overload

There will probably be a lot of (familiar) people around, music playing, and perhaps games or highlights. Try to prepare your dog as best you can so that he/she is not afraid or completely stressed.

Fulfill tasks

Do you want your dog to be a ring carrier, pose for photos or just be there? Try to adjust your expectations and don’t be disappointed if something doesn’t work out perfectly. It’s an exceptional situation for your dog, too. But often the things that didn’t work out are the funniest in hindsight.

Right equipment

What you should have at your wedding with dog:

– Wedding outfit. Maybe a special harness and leash. A dog bow tie can also look cute.

– Ring pillow. Think about how you want to attach the rings to the dog.

– Distraction. If your dog has a hard time staying still during the ceremony, licking mats, sniffing rugs or chew items can be helpful.

Reward. Anything is allowed on the wedding day. Lots of treats, toys, and anything your dog likes has to be there.

Water. With all the excitement and snacking, your dog needs fresh water available at all times.

– Food. Of course, don’t forget about the meal.

– Chip. Make sure to deposit the current number in your dog’s database. In the hustle and bustle your dog can run away, only then he can quickly get back to you.

buy safety harness for dog

Design your wedding harness according to your personal ideas.

Retreat allowed

With so much action, rest naturally comes too short. Ask the caregiver not to let everyone pet your dog. Pay attention to his body language and give him breaks in between. For this purpose, a foldable dog box or blanket is suitable, where your dog has learned to rest.

Have plan B ready

If it is too much for your dog, it is good to think in advance where he can go. Maybe there is a quiet room in the location to which you can accustom him in advance or someone can bring him to the hotel room so that he does not have to hold out until the bitter end.

Where is a wedding with a dog possible?

If the dog is going to be there on the big day, he must be integrated into the planning early on. Ask at the registry office, at the church, at the location and at all places where you are, if dogs are welcome.

Wedding with dog – yes or no?

Of course you love your dog and it is incredibly sweet to have him with you. But there are also dogs for whom such a day is out of the question. If your darling is afraid of people, aggressive, sick or overwhelmed with new situations, difficult to calm down, etc., he should be better cared for at home for the good of all. You know your four-legged friend best and know what is possible and where the limits are.

Should your wedding take place without a dog you can, for example, take a cake topper with bride and groom and dog or hang up a photo with your dog so that he is indirectly there. Often, the civil wedding is arranged in a small circle, then your dog can be there and at the big celebration he is looking forward to his dog bed.

Tip: You can ask your photographer to photoshop your dog on your favorite wedding photo.

A compromise would also be possible. Maybe your dog can only be there for a short time, for example for the wedding ceremony or for a quick photo and will then be taken care of somewhere else.

Paar mit Hund bei Hochzeit


A wedding with a dog provides extra unplanned moments that can sweeten the day. However, not every dog is suitable as a wedding guest. For most dogs, a wedding day is very stressful. Think carefully in advance about where and how your dog will be cared for, so you can really enjoy the day and not have to worry extra about your dog child.