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The domestic dog is considered the best and oldest friend of humans. Meanwhile he is not only a family member, but also protector, helper in distress and work supporter. Innumerable breeds and subbreeds have become developed in the last epochs, which can be used in different fields of application will be awarded. Where does the domestic dog come from and how was its development?

From wolf to domestic dog

Our domestic dogs belong to the family of the dog-types, also called Caniden. They count over 30 different species, such as jackals, coyotes, dingos, foxes and wolves. The latter joined the group 20,000 to 40,000 years ago people, who gradually domesticated them. Under domestication is mean the gradual transformation from a wild animal to a domestic animal. The wild animal Wolf has gradually developed into a tame domestic dog. For this reason is also the scientific name of the house dog “Canis lupus familiaris”, which translated means “the tamed wolf.” But why did the wolves of that time joined the humans? Or was it perhaps the other way round? Has the human joined the wolf? What reasons can it have that both Species have entered into such cooperation?

Advantages of symbiosis

As in any scientific field, there are various theories as to why human and animal approached each other thousands of years ago. Of course, you cannot say which species took the first step now. The fact is that over time a symbiosis has developed. Under symbiosis you understands a coexistence of different species to mutual advantage. What’s that supposed to mean? For humans, the presence of wolves had the advantage that they were protected by attacks of other wild animals and the wolves probably helped them to hunt wild animals. For the wolf meant the from now on constant presence of human, a steady supply of food. Due to the sedentariness of the people and the arable farming, the animals learnt to digest starch and benefited from the additional food supply. Wolf puppies were reared by hand and a intense friendship arose. So the best friend of human has become the domestic dog.

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Origin of breeds

Soon our ancestors began to use certain characteristics of the dogs specifically to breed. Individuals were specifically selected, with which desired characteristics (nature traits, physical attributes) were strongly pronounced, are paired with each other. Over the years, more than 350 different breeds have been bred in all sizes, colours and shapes. Every breed had its task, be it as a hunting dog, as guard dog, herding dog or lap dog. They are meanwhile on all continents.

The modern house dog: requirements and needs

Today it is mostly important that our beloved friends are suitable for the family, among other things but they kept their original instincts. Therefore it is necessary to think carefully about which breed you choose and which breed fits with your lifestyle. If you are looking for a dog, TOBALIE can help you with the Pet finder. With pure-bred dogs you can estimate approximately, how the dog will be later (especially phenotypic – appearance). However, each dog is an individual and develops according to hereditary trait, environmental factors and experiences. It is about a sentient living being and not an avatar character. For humans dogs are partners, children, playmates, sport comrades, training buddies, psychologists, medical assistants, friends, cuddly toy, watchers, listeners, helpers, entertainers and much more. All these tasks should patiently, lovingly, cheerfully, confidently and reliably master them. Many of our dogs are overtaxed and are hardly allowed to be dogs anymore. They are social creatures and reluctantly alone. A loving upbringing is the basis to deal with each other harmoniously and respectfully. of living Species-appropriate employment and food are just as important as medical checks at the vet’s and nursing. As with small children, the initial period is often nerve-racking. The puppies are usually not housebroken yet, have every day new mischief in the headand must always be kept in mind. Even in puberty they still test and then they’ll have to push their limits. A dog means a dog lifelong task, however it is a lot of fun and of course you get a lot love from them.

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The domestic dog is descended from the wolf, that’s no secret anymore. By a symbiotic cohabitation of humans and wolf, the wolves were tamed and has become man’s best friend. Several breeds and subraces with different requirements, but also needs are available via the years have arisen. But all dogs have one thing in common, with them life is always an enrichment.