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Even the ancient Egyptians knew about the advantages of the presence of a cat in the inhabite area. The cat enjoyed a special position and was worshipped by human like God. Comprehensible if you think at the little graceful and beautiful animals. Over the years different breeds were newly formed and cats are among the most important popular pets. How did the modern domestic cat come into being? What reasons can it have that both species have entered into such cooperation?

From wild cat to domestic cat

Our domestic cats belong to the family of the cat-types, also called Felidae. The wild cats conquered our planet about nine million years ago. In middle east developed from the so-called „falb cat“ before about 12.000 years the “Felis silvestris catus”, the domestic cat. But how did this development find instead of? For this there are several theories when and where exactly the today’s domestic cat arise. Why humans and animals approached each other, however, finds a clear answer: When the people settled down, the people started to live in symbiosis with the wild cats.

Advantages of symbiosis

Symbiosis is the coexistence of different species to form mutual advantage. For humans, the presence of cats had the advantage  to keep their supplies away from unpopular guests, such as mice and rats. For the cats the  presence of the people had the advantage of steady supply of food.

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Importance in history

As already mentioned, in ancient egyptian times the gentle creatures were worshipped like Gods. Unfortunately, this has changed abruptly in the middle ages at the time of the witch hunt. The cat had from now on reportedly demonic powers and she was hunted down and killed. With the industrial revolution, human began  to change their attitude again.  The cats  gained again in popularity and the humans began to breed purposefully. Today there are about 100 different breeds and several subbreeds

The modern domestic cat

Nowadays it is mostly important that the cat is suitable for families, is gentle and  loving. But you must not be deceived by her graceful nature, because in every lovely kitty there is a little cat of prey, which has its wild instincts. Therefore, it is necessary to be careful with your consider which breed suits with your lifestyle. If you’re looking for something,TOBALIE can help you with the Pet finder.  With purebred cats you can roughly estimate what this will be like later (especially phenotypically – appearance). But each cat is an individual and develops according to the heredity, environmental factors and experience. Thus there is no guarantee that your cat will be exactly what you want. Most cats are social animals and do not like to be alone. Although they go on their own but they need a playmate and partner at their side. They should therefore not be held alone in the apartment. In the double pack, you usually have less trouble, because they are to deal with each other. A loving upbringing is the basis to be able to live together to be able to deal with each other harmoniously and respectfully. As with small children, the initial period in particular is often nerve-racking. The kittens  have new mischief in their minds every day.A Cat  means a cat lifelong task, but it makes it unbelievable fun and you get a lot of love given.



Our domestic cats are descended from the wild cats. Already before thousands of years, humans and animals have become mutually beneficial, approached. This symbiotic friendship did not last long in history but nowadays they are among the most popular pets.