This article was written by TOBALIE in cooperation with Petra Ott - Katzen - Verhaltensexpertin

You want to know everything about cats? You’ve come to the right place! For dogs there is already the certificate of competence or the dog-handling license. The aim is to prepare dog owners for a life with dogs and to impart basic knowledge about dogs. Now finally cat lovers can also make a cat certificate of competence. How this works and what you learn in the process, is written here.

Cat knowledge certificate – what are you learning?

Many cat owners ask themselves: What does the cat do and above all what does this graceful creature communicate all day long? How do cats tick, how should one feed them properly, how can one furnish their home in a cat-friendly way, how can one keep cats busy properly and how can one enable them to live a stress-free, species-appropriate life?  You have probably asked yourself one or the other question, haven’t you?

Many cat owners want to understand their velvet paws better and make them happy. You learn to understand and deepen the human & cat relationship.

The aCATemy – the cat school for humans offers cat owners the online course “1st cat certificate”, which is an expert course that provides the basic knowledge about anatomy, physiology, behaviour and nutrition of cats, as well as about the right occupation and a good housing management, thus promoting the necessary knowledge and skills for a welfare compliant husbandry according to the Austrian Animal Welfare Act.

In a special online course these questions and much more around the topic of cats will be covered.

For whom is the cat knowledge proof suitable?

In principle for all who keep or want to keep a cat. Also for all branches which deal with cats, such as cat sitters, cat trainers, cat breeders, and many more. Even if you are simply interested in these great creatures or have to do with them in any way, you will have fun with the cat certificate.


After each of the five modules there is a multiple choice test. If you pass all of them, you will receive your certificate.

Special features

  • Online – Learn from the comfort of your own home and manage your time yourself.
  • Understand and deepen the people & cat relationship.
  • Buy a license once – use it forever!
  • The Specialist Centre for Animal Welfare and Animal Protection at the Vetmeduni Vienna has awarded the “1st cat lore certificate” with the animal protection label.
  • The course materials were thoroughly checked by the Centre for Animal Welfare and Animal Protection for compliance with the provisions of the Austrian Animal Welfare Act and regulations.  The contents of the course are well-founded and well suited to provide cat owners with the basic knowledge for keeping cats in accordance with the Austrian Animal Welfare Act.

Because animal protection begins already at home!


The cat customer proof offers every cat lover the possibility to gain professional knowledge about the cat and its species-appropriate keeping. With this knowledge you contribute to make it as cat-suitable as possible for the cats in our human society. So your velvet paw likes to live with you!