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Nathalie Sari - Tiertraining & Verhaltensberatung

This article was written by TOBALIE in cooperation with Nathalie Sari - Tiertraining & Verhaltensberatung

Thanks to the childlike pattern, every puppy is incredibly cute. But does he also fit into your life? Is a teenager or adult the better choice for you?


Who doesn’t open their heart at the sight of a small animal? But a puppy can keep you very busy! Here are a few advantages and disadvantages of bringing a puppy into your family:

+ Get to know you from an early age, you see him grow up
+ Bring a lot of energy and joie de vivre with them
+ Has made still little and hopefully no bad experiences
+ Still has a following instinct, i.e. you can learn to come here in a playful way
+ Llearns playfully and a lot in everyday life
+ You have the education and socialization in your own hands
+ Training to become assistants, you start already with a few months

– Take a holiday to get adjusted
– Not yet clean
– Have to learn to stay alone
– Chews on everything
– Must get used to everything (leashes, noises, other animals and people, …)
– Does not know any basic commands yet
– Must go outside more often, at night too at the beginning
– If you are not well informed, you can also make mistakes in education and socialization.
– Character develops first
– Teenagers test their limits
– Needs a lot of time and patience

Nutricanis Welpenfutter Pute + Kürbis

Getreidefreies Nassfutter für Hundewelpen und Junghunde mit praktischem Ringpullverschluss (ohne Dosenöffner zu öffnen).


Animals that have outgrown puberty can be an advantage for you, but also bring one or two disadvantages:

+ Give new at home/new chance
+ Usually a bit calmer
+ Can usually already stay alone, walk on a leash, basic commands, …
+ Is usually already house-trained
+ Also older animals can still learn a lot
+ Animal seniors usually need less exercise
+ Character and habits mostly known

– History sometimes unknown
– Could have anxieties that are beginning to emerge
– Perhaps not well socialised or educated due to bad experiences
– Behavior that has been shown over years requires patience and training to change it
– Must get used to your routine until you are a well-rehearsed team

Mutter Katze mit Welpe


Whichever age group you choose is up to you. Think about your lifestyle and find out if a puppy or a full-grown animal suits you better. Other questions you should ask yourself: Breed animal, hybrid or mongrel, Where do I get my new best friend?, Male or Female.