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This article was written by TOBALIE in cooperation with Nathalie Sari - Tiertraining & Verhaltensberatung

Planning your holiday would probably be easier, at home it would be cleaner and the wallet would possibly be fuller. But according to Göthe, “A life without a cat is possible, but senseless”. This statement, which is understandable by many, can certainly be extended to all pets, because what would the world be without our beloved furry friends and co?

Pets not only make sense in Göthe’s opinion, they enrich our lives on many levels. You can read about what these are in this exciting article.

Happier with a pet?

It is hard to say whether people who live together with pets or spend a lot of time with them are happier and it certainly can’t be generalize. It would also go beyond the scope of what constitutes a happy life for the individual. 

But what can be said is that animals can have a positive influence on the health of people. And the fact is that those who live healthier lives are a little closer to happiness

Pets and their positive influence on us humans

Anyone who has ever shared their life with an animal will probably sign the following points. Pets can have a positive influence on the health of their owners, whereby health refers not only to the physical area, but also to the psychological and social area.

  • Think of all the different assistance animals, they are truly an enrichment for humans! Whether guide dogs, police dogs, search dogs or therapy animals, life without them is hardly imaginable anymore.
  • Did you know that cuddling with your darling can lower your blood pressure?
  • Cuddling also releases the hormone oxytocin, the so-called cuddling hormone, which can have a mood-lifting and calming effect.
  • Stress and its consequences can be reduced by being close to a beloved animal. An office dog can demonstrably increase work motivation and reduce stress levels. 
  • Dogs in particular love extensive walks in nature. Exercise, fresh air and a portion of vitamin D included! A real booster for your immune system.
  • Regular exercise has also been proven to protect against overweight and high cholesterol levels.
  • Children who grow up with pets generally have a more stable immune system. You can read about other positive effects on children here: Mom, I want a pet!
  • Animals as soul comforters? Depression, anxiety and other mental illnesses can be reduced by the presence of an animal.
  • Therapy animals can give impaired people security in everyday life.
  • Pets can protect from loneliness. Especially isolated persons benefit from an animal roommate.
  • The mental fitness of older people can be positively influenced. More advantages for seniors here: Which pets for seniors.
  • The feeling of security can increase. Especially dog owners of larger breeds often state that they feel noticeably more protected.
  • Pets as inspiration! Already Albert Einstein observed his tomcat Tiger very gladly when setting up his various groundbreaking theories.
  • Our four-legged friends can also be helpful as a mirror of ourselves. 

Important: Yes, pets enrich our human life, but please never forget that animals are sentient beings with individual needs. Humans must take responsibility for them, give them love and care for their well-being. So it is a give and take but let’s be honest with each other, you usually get more than you give.

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 Why dogs and cats not always makes us happy

Like everything in life, living together with a pet has its dark sides. If you have not thought about which breed suits you or which financial hurdles you have to face before buying a pet, you might be overtaxed or even unhappy. An animal needs a lot of time, attention and care. 

Every animal has its own character and there is no guarantee that you will be happier with a pet than without one. In most cases the love for your own pet will let you overcome a small obstacle and you will forgive small discrepancies. After all, who can be angry with the faithful, animal eyes for long?  


An animal-loving person has long been aware of this: Pets, but also all other animals, enrich our world in many ways. Not only the earth benefits from these unique, admirable and loving creatures, but also individual human health benefits from them. One more reason to respect and protect animals.