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As a pet owner, you have a lifetime of responsibility. Over the course of time, you will incur a number of costs that you need to cover. Find out here whether it is worth taking out pet insurance or what alternatives there are.

Which provision is best?

Once you have chosen a pet, you are responsible for it for the rest of its life. It often doesn’t take long before the first major costs come your way. But what is the best way to prepare for these expenses? Does it make sense to take out pet insurance? Find out how to use your finances properly here.

What insurances are there?

You must include your pet in the household insurance (liability insurance). This usually covers damage caused by your pet to others, such as a shredded piece of clothing. All other pet insurance policies are not compulsory and can be taken out additionally.

Many pet owners choose to take out pet health insurance.

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When and for which animals can you take out insurance?

Pet insurance should be taken out as soon as you buy your pet. The older the animal, the more expensive the insurance is. In principle, dogs and cats can be insured. But be careful, because some insurances exclude “listed dogs“. Likewise, the offer is more expensive for some breeds (mostly animal welfare-relevant breeds), as statistically they need treatment more often. Moreover, usually only healthy animals are insured, which is why it is difficult to take out pet insurance only in the event of illness.

What costs are covered by pet insurance?

This varies greatly. Find out in advance which costs are actually covered. In some cases only surgery costs are covered, in others examinations or even vaccinations and medication are also included. Often only medically necessary treatments are covered, i.e. castration without medical reason is not paid for. You should also look at the deductible, which is usually 20 percent.

What does pet insurance cost?

This also depends on the policy. Depending on which animal you want to insure and what is to be covered, the annual costs range between €70 and €1400.

Alternatives to pet insurance?

Of course, it is also possible to put money aside and build up reserves. Ideally, these should be transferred to an extra account every month so as not to forget about them and not to spend the money unintentionally. In an emergency, an operation or a stay in an animal hospital can quickly cost several thousand euros. You are responsible for your animal and must be able to cover these costs.

The advantage of saving money yourself is that the money is not lost if your pet hopefully never needs it. However, saving money is not easy for many people and they tend not to take it too seriously and then not have enough on hand in case of an emergency. Besides, all costs have to be paid out of one’s own pocket. If it is somehow foreseeable that your pet will need surgery later on, insurance might be worthwhile.

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Whether and which pet insurance is best for your pet depends on the individual. Find out in advance which costs are covered. Decide as early as possible, because the older the pet gets or in the case of existing illnesses, the conclusion of an insurance policy becomes more expensive. For some, it is also a good option to save money yourself. It is important to be able to pay the costs in case of an emergency, so that your pet can receive all necessary treatments and does not have to suffer.