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This article was written by TOBALIE in cooperation with Nathalie Sari - Tiertraining & Verhaltensberatung

Fun in the snow or cuddling under the blanket? The cold is not for everypet, but especially dogs have to go outside also in this weather! How to get your darling through the winter you can find out here:

Does my dog in winter freeze?

There is no bad weather only bad clothes! This saying also applies to our dogs. What may sound strange to one or the other can be really useful for some four-legged friends. Because especially dogs, which do not have any underwool, are not well protected from the cold and freeze well. Most healthy fur noses don’t need clothes, but especially when waiting, e.g. in the car, the animals are not in motion and quickly cool down.

Make sure the coat fits well and does not restrict movement. Not only the fit, but also the material plays a role. There are water-repellent coats, cuddly, knitted, lined, and so on. Think about in which weather and in which situations your darling needs a coat. Take the exact measurements of your dog or take him with you to buy, because nobody likes to wear uncomfortable clothes.

Take care of the paws? 

Road salt is a big problem, especially in cities. Not only does it cause vomiting and diarrhoea when eaten, it also causes pain on the pads. Many dogs stop and don’t want to go any further, so think about paw care!

BEFORE the walk, apply a paw cream to the paw pads. AFTER the walk wash the paws well with lukewarm water. Tip: If your dog is very sensitive to his feet, take a wet washcloth and let him give the paw. Confirm your darling with a treat. Then you can start cleaning the paw bit by bit. Also a Licki Mat can provide the necessary activity, so that your darling likes the paw care. On the way try to avoid road salt and loose gravel as much as possible. If your dog has an injury or very sensitive paws, special dog shoes can also be useful.

If your dog has long hair between his paw, you should shorten it so that the snow doesn’t get stuck. Because if it lumps, it feels as if the dog has a stone in his shoe.

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Eat snow? 

Many dogs love the snow and like to bite into it. If your darling gets some snow in his mouth while romping around, it shouldn’t be a big problem, but you should stop him from eating snow. The stomach is not happy from the cold “meal” and reacts with a gastritis, which can end in the worst case with bloody vomiting and diarrhea. Be sure to have water with you if your dog gets thirsty .A snowball fight is fun, but throwing snowballs encourages your darling to eat it. Throw games are also not an ideal activity, better you make a search game in the beautiful winter landscape.

Wet and dark? 

At this time of the year the sun is rarely visible and it is usually dark. Therefore, remember to protect your dog by putting something reflective or shiny on him. There are many different reflectors, blinkers and light types. So your darling is clearly visible. Wear rather bright robes and go illuminated paths or routes that you know well. It can also be useful to have a flashlight with you. Wet dogs should be dried well at this time of year. So that your darling does not become ill, he should not lie on wet-cold surfaces and have a warm place of retreat.

More feeding? 

Eating more in winter doesn’t make sense with our house dogs. But if your dog is mostly outdoors he actually needs more food. Because the energy consumption is higher at cold temperatures, in order to maintain his body temperature he therefore needs enough high-quality food.

Winter mit Hund


In winter you can go for nice walks. Most dogs love the snow and have fun playing in it. Pay attention to a few points so that your darling doesn’t get sick. So you will get healthy and fit through the winter!