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The reproductive cycle of a cat includes the time of the first conception. How long is the cat in heat? What do cats in heat do? Do cats bleed in heat and how to calm them down. The time of the heat can also cause confusion in humans. That’s why you can read all the important information here.

When do cats go into heat?

From the fourth to twelfth month of life, the first heat normally occurs in cats, signaling sexual maturity (it is still not recommended to mate your cat at the first heat). The time of sexual maturity is influenced by weight (80% of the final weight should be reached), breed (large breeds later than smaller breeds) and the length of daylight (about 12 hours of light, artificial lighting).

How do I recognize that my cat is in heat?

In the phase of the so-called “rolliness” one can determine typical behaviors.

  • Rolling or seals on the ground (hence the name “Rollig”)
  • Particularly trusting and cuddly                                                                                                  
  • Rubbing on objects
  • Loss of appetite (often offer her smaller portions)
  • Rear part is stretched strongly in the height
  • Loud meowing or cooing
  • “Screaming” for possible sexual partner
  • Restless behaviour, restlessness
  • Tail is often bent to the side
  • Urge to go outside
  • Marked, by targeted urination
  • Male cats are interested

This “rolliness” can last up to ten days. How intense the calling and the behaviour during this periode actually is, depends on character and breed. Often a hormonally caused whitish discharge can occur. Some cats also tend to be unclean during this phase. Also an intensified marking behavior should lead to sexually mature males to attract.

Do cats bleed in heat?

Cats have no regular ovulation and also no bleeding. The ovulation is released only by the penetration of the penis (“provoked ovulation”). If the fertile cat is successfully mated, a spontaneouse ovulation occurs. After a pregnancy, the female cat can be ready for conception again after one to three weeks. If fertilization does not occur, the cycle starts anew and the queen can be in heat again after about nine days.

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Permanent lovesickness

Even if the roliness is a natural condition, it comes, above all with flat cats, frequently to permanent roliness. The artificial light and constantly available food prevents the resting phase in the dark season.
This often leads to diseases such as uterine inflammations or mammary tumours. It also means enormous stress and strain for the queen.

How often are cats in heat?

In cats we speak of a seasonal poly-oestric cycle. This means that they are in heat several times a year. Because light plays a major role, cats come into heat more often in the summer months. In indoor cats, the permanent artificial light makes it easier for them to become permanently in heat.

How can you calm your cat?

The waiting time for a suitable cat partner is both psychologically, and physically extremely demanding for lady cats. That’s why you should be especially indulgent and understanding in these stressful times.

  • Offer your darling a warm place
  • Distract the she-cat with game units.
  • Separate from tom cats
  • Catnip or valerian (attention: can sometimes lead to more restlessness, just test)

The heat can be stopped by firmly crawling on the rear part or by inserting a cotton swab into the vagina. This should be discussed with your vet to avoid possible complications.

How can you prevent roliness?

A cat calling for a mate can also be exhausting and annoying for humans. In case of pregnancy there is also the challenge of many following kittens.
Therefore it is advisable to have your treasure neutered in time. Check with the vet you trust for possible measures. The relatively uncomplicated procedure not only prevents an unwanted pregnancy, but also the condition of the boldness itself. So you can save your furry friend and yourself a lot of stress.
The “pill” is, as with humans, associated with some side effects and should only be used in exceptional cases and in consultation with your veterinarian.


A loving cat goes through an emotionally exhausting time. Especially when your young velvet paw is in heat for the first time, you should forgive your darling one or two peculiarities and remain very patient. This stressful state of exception can be prevented easily with a castration. The first heat cycle depends on factors like race, character, length of daylight, season, as well as health condition of the velvet paw. TOBALIE wishes you and your cat all the best and many beautiful moments together.