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Nathalie Sari - Tiertraining & Verhaltensberatung

This article was written by TOBALIE in cooperation with Nathalie Sari - Tiertraining & Verhaltensberatung

Our animals are ahead of us in many ways, it is even said they have supernatural abilities. What special sensory perceptions do our beloved friends have? And what can they guess with the help of what often remains hidden to us?

Do you know the feeling of being stared at from behind? Does your mobile phone ring after you have thought of a certain person? All this is part of the 6th and 7th sense which is even more pronounced in animals.

People generally rely on their minds to understand things. Most are visually oriented and use their ability to speak to express themselves. It is quite different in the animal world. These live in the here and now and have their special talents depending on the species. Some see particularly well, others have excellent hearing, some feel the smallest movements or have an unbeatable sense of smell.

Morphic resonance

But they all have one thing in common, they are connected to the ethereal level, the morphic field. Through morphic resonance, each individual can access the collective memory to obtain information, etc.. This ability is unlearned by most people at a very early age, which means that they lose most of their connection to the “Everything” and most of their intuition. Animals perceive the thoughts and images in our heads, which is why it is often difficult for them to understand what we want. For example, if we tell a dog “At foot”, but have the image of a dog pulling on a leash in his head, he doesn’t know what to do. People cannot hide their feelings from animals, because they feel immediately and often in advance what is going on.

Early detection of natural catastrophes

It is often observed that animals become restless before volcanic eruptions, earthquakes, storms, tsunamis or fires. In 2004 there were hardly any animals among the victims of the tsunami in Sri Lanka, as they had already run away in advance.

Feel diseases

Animals can smell cancer cells, warn of epileptic seizures or blood sugar crises. In some palliative wards there are dogs or cats that lie down in bed with people when they are about to die to accompany them.

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Our pets suddenly jump up and wait in front of the door, because they notice that their owner is on his way home. Often the thought of wanting to feed his pet right away or to go outside with him is enough and zack the sleeping darling jumps up and is happy. There are also pets that have been kidnapped and find their way home despite unknown surroundings.

Perceive magnetic field

Some animals can perceive the magnetic field of the earth and use this magnetic sense for orientation. Dogs prefer to do business along the north-south axis. Thanks to the magnetic field lines, migratory birds also find their way south and back again every year. Foxes like to hunt in north-north-east direction and also whales lose orientation with irregularity of the magnetic field. These examples could be continued for a long time.

The 6th sense (momentary perception) is the ability of animals to orient themselves by magnetic or electrical signals and to use their sharp senses. They rely on their intuition. The 7th sense (perception of the future) involves telepathy, clairvoyance, …and so on. Animals use this subtle kind of communication and as a survival property.

There are a thousand such and similar observations of domestic and wild animals, even if science has not yet provided conclusive evidence for these senses, it is undisputed that our animals are something very special. There are things between heaven and earth that we cannot comprehend with our mind, but look deep into the eyes of your animal and feel the connection.

6ter Sinn


Animals have a 6th and 7th sense which is helpful in communication, orientation and survival. These abilities are used by humans in medicine, for example, to warn of diseases. But also otherwise it would be a great help to us to pay more attention to the animals, because we humans can still learn a lot from them.