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This article was written by TOBALIE in cooperation with Nathalie Sari - Tiertraining & Verhaltensberatung

Every dog owner knows them… dog toys that squeak when you bite them. Some people are driven crazy by this noise, others find it funny. But what do our dogs think about it and can they play with it without hesitation?

Why do some dogs like squeaky dog toys and others don’t?

Dogs that play with such a dog toy for the first time are often frightened by the squeak and tend to be unsettled. This is natural because it sounds similar to the “stop” signal. Dogs give this short squeak or squeal when they are playing, for example, if things get too wild or hurt, so their play partner knows that they have to take it down a notch. If he doesn’t do this, the ruffian is threatened with consequences, usually in the form of an interruption to the game or even a threat.

But the noise can also arouse the curiosity of some dogs, so they can be motivated to train. However, some dogs get too involved and never stop biting the dog toy. This is not only a test of nerves for you, but can also cause a lot of stress for the dog.

When is a squeaky toy rather unsuitable?

  • For puppies: Young dogs, which have not yet learned the bite inhibition, naturally react to a squeaking noise by interrupting their behaviour. This is how they learn how hard they can bite their fellow dog during play without hurting him. Watch the reaction of your puppy while playing.
  • Swallowing: Some dogs specialise in removing the squeaker from the dog toy. As this is not very big, there is a risk of swallowing and therefore a risk of intestinal blockage. So make sure that the squeaker is well integrated into the toy.
  • Reactive dogs: Dogs with a low stimulus threshold can be quickly excited and hyped up. At this level of excitement, they are often unresponsive and “forget” rules and boundaries. Quiet games are more suitable for such dogs.
The dog plays with rubber carrot. Closeup


If your adult dog enjoys squeaky toys, you can let him play with them from time to time. This type of toy is less suitable for puppies, easily excitable dogs or quadrupeds that chew the dog toy rather than play with it.