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The sex drive in cats is much more intense than in humans. When cats are in season they call heartbreakingly for a suitable lover. A male cat often roams for nights and miles around to find his beloved partner. What sounds absolutely romantic, is in reality a very tedious love play. If you have a femaleor male cat at home, you should think about this topic.

What dangers lurk over your darling during cat sex?

It is not unusual for males to fight with their competitors in order to get their chance. Bites from fellow cats could infect your darling with bad diseases like FeLV (leukosis), FIV or FIP. Not only the males are in danger, but also female cats can get infected when their partner bites the neck during cat sex.

Cat ladies are exposed to extreme hormonal stress when they are in heat. She rolls on the ground, lifts up her rear end, dances with her hind legs and even forgets to play and eat. If it does not come to cat sex, the condition of the permanent heat begins, which can lead to substantial health problems.

In addition, cats looking for a partner are very careless. They are clearly more inattentive to dangers, such as driving cars and venture far too far away from home. In spite of their good sense of orientation, male cats sometimes do not find their way back on their long partner searches.

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How does the sexual act of cats work?

When a pair of cats finally found each other, a fascinating love play begins. It can take days until cat sex actually takes place. Until the cat lady is ready for sexual intercourse, the male does not leave her side anymore. Together the velvet paws spend a lot of time rubbing their heads together and cuddling each other. Once this foreplay is finished, the actual sexual act begins.

The mating act begins with the female cat running back and forth in front of the male to irritate him. Afterwards the female lies down with outstretched forelegs and bent hind legs on the stomach. The lumbar vertebrae of the female are bent, which makes the vulva accessible for the male. By posing in front of her beloved, the starting shot for cat sex has been fired.

The male cat now climbs the ladie and tries to find the right position by means of push movements. The first time the whole process can take a little longer. The cat is bitten into the neck by the male cat and held in place. Also smaller paw strokes are not unusual. However, this kind of holding must not be too insensitive, otherwise the female cat can become very angry and the mating is broken off.


When the sexual act reaches its climax, the female cats can become relatively aggressive. In addition, the female cat usually emits a “mating scream” that goes through the marrow. Because the cat’s penis is equipped with barbs that are shaped in the direction of the body, the mating act can be quite painful for the cat. These barbs stand up when pulled out, irritating the vaginal walls. This irritation is necessary to trigger ovulation.

Cat sex usually comes to a very abrupt end, mainly because of the instinctive aggressiveness of female cats. Afterwards, female cats roll around on the floor for minutes with relish. The males usually watch the spectacle from a safe distance.

How long does mating take in cats?

Cats usually mate day and night in short intervals of 5 to 20 minutes. The actual sexual act always lasts only a few seconds. So it can come to several pairings on the day, besides, the cats let themselves also with pleasure with different partners. Thus the litter can also have several fathers. So it usually takes several mating acts to trigger ovulation. This is usually 24 to 36 hours after the first cat sex. In this phase, the cats are receptive.

Should you mate a cat?

No! It has no medical advantages for the animals to have had a litter once. On the contrary, the whole procedure brings more dangers. You also need a lot of knowledge about genetics, anatomy, rearing and much more to avoid bringing sick offspring into the world. This involves a lot of effort, money and also space. The optimal time to mate the cat would be on the third day of heat.


Cat sex doesn’t necessarily make velvet paws happier. Free goers also like to sniff, hunt or play outside. Cosy house tigers like to sleep well, enjoy fine delicacies and also enjoy extended cuddling hours with you. All in all it is agreed that cats live a happy life without cat sex. Because the sex drive can be enormously stressful and also dangerouse for your darling, whose maybe not longer interested in playing or even eating. Love is known to be blind.