This article was written by TOBALIE in cooperation with Mensch und Tierenergetik

“Like master, like dog”? It is not uncommon to hear this saying when a certain similarity between animal and owner is evident. Does this also apply to you and your darling? Then the following article about the law of mirror could be very interesting for you. But also if you have the feeling that your animal is the exact opposite of you or behaves differently “without reason”, this could be related to it. 

Law of mirror: What is that?

In principle all situations, people and animals reflect our (mostly unconscious) way of thinking. We draw them into our lives in order to be made aware of certain beliefs, blockades, etc. and to be able to transform them (dissolve, accept or let go). Even criticism that hurts you shows you that you have not yet fully accepted and accepted yourself. Everything that affects you, has something to do with you. Likewise, all aspects that we value and love in others are aspects that are also within us.

In order to understand the law of mirror it is helpful to look again and again at our own topics that concern us. Your own pet is seen as a “loving mirror” and you try to reflect the behaviour of the animal on yourself. The sense behind this is to advance oneself in its development or recovery and can strengthen the invisible bond between man and animal.  

What can be mirrored?

In animal energetics it is assumed that not only certain behaviour patterns are mirrored, but a whole range of physical, mental and energetic characteristics:

  • Physical symptoms and diseases (if an animal owner has a kidney disease, could the animal has it too)
  • Mental states (fears, attitudes, beliefs)
  • Behaviour  (eating behaviour)
  • Properties (good-natured, gentle, impatient)
  • Mental states, karma
  • Bright sides and positive characteristics
  • Shady sides
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How does it work? An example

A previously very bright and cheerful cat is suddenly afraid, hides under the sofa and comes out only rarely.  It is possible that the cat is only frightened, but it is also possible that your cat is holding a mirror up to you. She could feel your fear and show you that you should deal with your fears.  

In order to be able to interpret the behaviour of the animal, you can now think about yourself and ask some important questions:

  • Since when does your cat hide under the sofa?
  • Have I become a more anxious person lately?           
  • What could I be afraid of?
  • Was there any situation that triggered these feelings?

Inverted mirror?

It happens that our animals do exactly the opposite and mirror us indirectly. For example, if you are very shy and put up with everything, your animal might be loud and self-confident. Maybe even show aggressive behaviour to pretend to you how to assert yourself. 

What to do?

Assuming you see a parallel between the behaviour of your cat and the emergence of your fear, it is very likely that your cat will come out from under the sofa again if you face and work on the issues of your (immediate) past. The moment you become aware of this and change your behaviour by taking action against this fear, your cat will be able to live without fear again.

If you are unsure about the questions or problems, animal energetics can also help you.

Note: Our pets also have their own personality, past and themes (karmic & current). Not everything has to do with us!  

Energeticists and animal communicators can help to find out what is going on in your pet and what the animal needs. 

If you do not want your pet to take certain things from you, you can tell him: “You respect me by letting me keep mine! I take care of my own business. Thanks!” And you start working on yourself.

cat hugged by a woman


When our beloved pets get sick or show conspicuous behaviour, we humans are always worried. It happens that the animals want to draw our attention to something that concerns us. They hold a mirror in front of us so that we can recognize and work on ourselves.