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This article was written by TOBALIE in cooperation with Nathalie Sari - Tiertraining & Verhaltensberatung

Each dog develops its own body language in the course of its life. Depending on his experiences, he will show certain calming signals and behaviour more often or more rarely or never. Often the dog body language differs from animal to animal.

Escalation Levels of Dogs before biting

All dogs are born with the same disposition and can show all signals of appeasement. If the dog learns that these are not helpful for him, he will use them less often. A black animal, for example, will lick their mouth more often, because the pink tongue is clearly visible on the black coat, than blink. Over the time he learns which signals are taken seriously by the other person or dog and which are not.

Know the dog signals

Therefore it is important to observe your dog closely and to take his language seriously. Too often one hears “There he must go through”, but this thought can be fatal. Because if the signals in the green area are ignored (no matter whether by animals or humans), the dog must apply behavior from the yellow or orange zone. Often they will be punished for barking, showing teeth and growling. What happens then is that your animal will not be able to help itself anymore and “suddenly” bites.

Once your dog’s state of excitement is in the upper range, it is difficult for him to calm down on his own to such an extent that he is receptive. In this state, the animals no longer accept food and are not responsive. Here it is helpful to build up a relaxation signal, which calms the dog down again to such an extent that it can at least briefly draw attention to you again. It is best to ask a trainer.

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Dog body language

Never forbid your dog to show calming signals. Because these are the first warning that he feels uncomfortable in the situation. Instead, help him out of the situation and he will learn that he can rely on you. If you leave it to him, he has the choice to flee or to fight. In both cases he has negative experiences and learns above all that he cannot rely on you.

Barking, growling and co. belong to the repertoire of dog language and show us that we have already overlooked the first signs. Dogs have a pronounced social behaviour which they learn as puppies from and with their parents and siblings. Do not punish your four-legged friend for this, but be grateful that he warns you. Because no dog wants to bite. Unfortunately the animals often have no other choice and see no way out.

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Don’t let it get into the red area, but deal with the appeasement signals, the body language, the expression behaviour and watch your dog closely. You will quickly see which signals your favourite shows and how harmonious your life is if you respect each other.