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This article was written by TOBALIE in cooperation with Nathalie Sari - Tiertraining & Verhaltensberatung

As more and more people began to live with dogs in urban areas and they could no longer simply do their business in nature, they began to go with their dog into smaller alleys, so that he did not go to high frequented streets. From this developed our expression “go for a walk”, which is used today when you go outside with your dog. There are a few things to consider when going for a walk, because especially in the city you meet many people and dogs, who often have a hard time avoiding each other. Walking the dog is a daily business so you should know a few things.

What should you keep in mind when going for a walk?

  • Be considerate! Even if your dog wouldn’t hurt anybody, there are still other dogs who are afraid. Pay attention also to the body language of the other dogs and recall your darling if necessary.
  • Playing is nice as long as all dogs involved understand it as playing and feel comfortable. If the mood changes, for one it gets too much or get mobbed, interrupt the situation and let the dogs rest.
  • Clear away the excrement always and everywhere!
  • Listen to your gut and don’t let anyone talk you into anything. Sentences like: “They already make it out with each other”, “He has puppy protection anyway”, etc.. Unfortunately one often hears such and similar sayings, but the fact is: These beliefs are outdated. If your dog feels uncomfortable, leave the situation with him and offer refuge. If he doesn’t get any help from you, he has to defend himself and this not only destroys the trust in you, but can also affect the social behaviour of your dog towards other dogs.
  • Also pay attention to the length of your walk. Does your dog sit down often or is very stressed? Try to choose ways that do justice to your darling. It may be that it is too hot or too cold to walk long or that he is just tired or feels uncomfortable or has a bad day. Also our four-legged friends are not full of energy every day, so be careful not to overstrain your dog.
  • Variety. Basically it is good to have three to four walkways that your dog walks regularly. But discovering new routes is not only fun, it also promotes the self-confidence of your favorite, the attachment to you and uses him to full capacity.
  • Make the walks interesting. Use search games or exercises to prevent your dog from getting bored, from not taking care of you and from looking for his own activity.
  • Watch out for the right accessories for walking the dog. In general, leashes are obligatory in every public area, for “list dogs” also muzzles are obligatory, except in signposted dog zones at leat in vienna (Find out what the rules are in the area where you want to go for a walk). Your dog should wear a well-fitting chest harness, the pull on the collar not only changes the body language, also it can come to health consequences. Better a drag line than a flexi line. If your dog freezes, he maybe needs a coat. If it’s hot, it’s better to go bigger rounds early in the morning or late in the evening. In the dark, lighting elements can be helpful.
dog harness that fits your dog

What should you avoid when going for a walk?

  • If there is another dog on a leash, please also leash your dog as well. There is always a reason why someone does not let his dog run free.
  • Dog contact on a leash is not a good idea! The leashes get entangled quickly and also the behaviour of the dogs is leashed mostly limited. Better to let the dogs run after arrangement, so that they can say hello.
  • Don’t let your dog hunt because it could injure other animals or cause accidents.
  • Do not feed or stroke strange dogs without asking!

If your dog doesn’t get along with other dogs, if he doesn’t like going on the leash, or if he doesn’t like to have his muzzel put on, consult a trainer. You can train things together. This makes walking the dog every day easier.

Gassi mit Hund in der Stadt


Most dogs love walks. How long and where you should go with your dog depends on his age, height, weight, character and state of health. Pay attention to a few essential “rules of behaviour” and every walk in the alley will be a pleasure for animals and humans. Be considerate of others and look forward to discovering new things together with your dog.