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Tiermasseur Mannsberger

This article was written by TOBALIE in cooperation with Tiermasseur Mannsberger

If you are currently in Vienna, you have the feeling of boiling in a saucepan. This heat not only makes us humans sweat and flee into the cool water. Also our beloved pets enjoy every possibility of cooling down.  No matter if you swim with your best friend or the dog alone, swimming is one of the most popular outdoor activities of our valued four-legged friends. But also when swimming with dogs you should pay attention to a few things.  

Dog swimming has many advantages

  • Suitable for every breed & every age.
  • As with humans, gentle whole body training.
  • Muscle building that is easy on the joints.
  • Improvement of condition and strength.
  • Strengthening the heart and the circulatory system.
  • Weight reduction.
  • Preservation of mobility for older dogs.
  • Improvement of body awareness and dexterity.
  • Water habituation for young dogs.
  • Fun and cooling.
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What to look out for

Before any physical activity, a visit to the vet is advisable to examine your dog and determine if your pet is in good health. Sick or injured animals should take it easy on themselves and possibly be cooled down in another way. Here TOBALIE would like to recommend the article summer, sun, heat and dog to you. Here are a few tips on how you can make bathing fun as pleasant as possible for yourself and your faithful friend:

  • Slowly get your dog used to cool water (don’t force him and certainly don’t push him into the water).  
  • Make sure that your darling really likes to go into the water or just wants to “save” his favourite toy. So please don’t throw toys in the water, especially not as a permanent job.  
  • Do not give large meals beforehand, provide water
  • Pay attention to rest periods!
  • Life jackets absolutely recommendable!  
  • Note the dangers of water pollution (hot spots or ear infections can occur), excessively cold water (water rue) and possible currents.
  • General risk of injury e.g. broken bottles, wooden parts etc.
  • Always pay attention to whether dogs are allowed Pet Map swimming areas.
  • We also offer our own dog swimming pools (e.g. at Tiermasseur Mannsberger) und Indoor-Pools. 
  • Watch out for wildlife. For example, in the spawning season you should be careful not to disturb the animals. Likewise, your dog should not hunt water animals. On the other hand, beavers and jellyfish can be dangerous for our dogs.



Dog swimming is fun for humans and animals. Especially at these record temperatures a cooling down is exactly the right thing for you and your darling. At the same time you do something good for your health. Apart from the many advantages of dog swimming, there are also a few things that need to be considered. TOBALIE wishes you wonderful swimming fun with your best friend.