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This article was written by TOBALIE in cooperation with Spürnasen

Like on a scavenger hunt, you and your four-legged detective go on a search and hunt for clues to solve a criminal case. Together you solve puzzles, look for clues, master tasks and pass investigator exams. The most important thing, only with the help of your team mate “dog” can the respective cases be solved.

Who can join?

These tours are intended as a change from the daily routine of dogs and do not require any special previous knowledge. All you need is a good mood, a little investigative instinct and your four-legged colleague 🙂.

What is needed?

It is best to ask the organizer. In most cases you will need a well-fitted harness, long leash, enough water and treats as a reward.

How does it work?

Guided crime tours take place in a group of several human-dog teams and are accompanied by one or more trainers, as chief investigators. In the search for the perpetrator, both the dogs and we have to master tasks to solve the criminal case. You can also find out where is your dog’s strength and keep him occupied in a species-appropriate way. Depending on the case, you should plan on 1.5 to 3 hours.

Krimitour 2 Go! - Die verschwundene Braut

Crime tours to go

In March 2020, the sniffing crimestories could not take place as usual because of Corona. But new situations require alternatives and new ways.

This is how crime tours were created, where you can go on a hunt for perpetrators alone or with friends, independent of time and very flexible. There are different cases in different places. You choose the tour you want to go on and then you get everything you need for your investigation delivered to your home. Then you can get started. In your package you will find various little helpers, envelopes with clues and a nice little letter with the case and the current investigation. You then go to the scene of the crime and start your investigation. Don’t forget your super nose, because without the nose of your dog you are without a chance 😉

Of course, assistance is available for you if you are stuck in the investigation. The tours can be paused at any time and resumed at a later moment. The trails lead you through different areas, please follow the respective regulations for dogs. Click here to start right away!


Sniffing out a crime is an adventure for humans and dogs. It is a welcome variation and a perfect occupation for your four-legged friend. Have fun investigating and solving mystery cases!