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This article was written by TOBALIE in cooperation with Nathalie Sari - Tiertraining & Verhaltensberatung

It is no longer a secret to some people that the purring of our beloved cats has true healing powers. Cats do not only start their purring motor when they feel completely safe and comfortable. These calming and healing vibrations are also used to regulate pain and tension. Can cats heal? How does purring work?

We humans can also benefit immensely from it. The purring of a cat, or the pure presence of these graceful creatures, can prevent or alleviate many ailments and illnesses in humans and, in the best case, even make them disappear completely. But which diseases are we talking about here? Which ailments can be cured or alleviated by cats?

Important: If you or someone around you is worried about a disease, seek professional help. Cats have real superpowers in this regard, but they are no substitute for professional help. Cats can have a positive influence on this, but they do not replace a consultation with a doctor!

Cats as natural antidepressants 

Anyone who has ever had to go through a depressive phase is probably familiar with the associated symptoms such as: Lack of drive, deep sadness, destructive thoughts and suffering in many physical areas. Clearly, a deeply unpleasant and sometimes dangerous condition. The good news: depression is treatable and curable, for example through psychotherapeutic measures.

Another piece of good news: cats can help us with depression and life crises. It has been proven several times (for example by Prof. Dr. Reinhold Bergler of the University of Bonn) that a person’s body produces serotonin, so-called happiness hormones, when stroking a cat. The mere presence of these healing pets can also have a positive influence on mood and well-being. 

Cats can also have a positive effect on us humans in cases of (chronic) stress. You relax, your heart rate decreases, your breathing slows down and your well-being increases. 

Can cats make broken bones heal faster?

A purring kitten on your lap and you can feel the pleasant vibrations spreading over your whole body. It is precisely these vibrations that stimulate the muscles, which in turn stimulate bone growth. Bone density increases and bone healing is stimulated. Swelling can also be reduced by the purring and pain can be relieved.

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Cats can relieve pain in muscles and joints

Cats’ purring has a positive effect not only on the bones. Muscles and joints can also benefit from the health-promoting vibrations. Researchers imitated the 25-44 Hz purring frequency of a cat and were able to provide many patients with relief from various muscle and joint complaints. So cats heal themselves through the low-frequency vibration of purring. 

Problems with high blood pressure? Doctor Purr-Purr can help.

Yes, you read correctly. Petting a cat (but also other animals) can actually help with cardiovascular diseases, such as high blood pressure. It has been shown to lower blood pressure after only about 8 minutes.  

Researchers have also found a link between keeping a cat and a lower likelihood of developing cardiovascular disease. According to a study by the University of Minnesota (https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC3317329/), cats can also prevent heart attacks. 

Can cats prevent allergies?

Normally the opposite is true, that cats cause allergies in the first place. Yes and no, of course there are animal (hair) allergies, but on the other hand cats can also reduce a possible allergy risk. 

Especially in children who had a cat (but also other animals) in the household at a very early age, various antibodies could be detected later. These immune system-strengthening antibodies are formed by the children through early contact with the animals and can thus prevent allergies.  

No air? Cats can help with respiratory diseases.

The following study results from Austria are also interesting: patients with asthma or COPD were given a kind of vibrating cushion (purr frequency) for a few minutes every day, alternately placed on the left and then the right lung. The results spoke for themselves, their values improved consistently. 

According to this, a purring little tiger on the chest can possibly also help with various respiratory diseases. So the next time you’re lying in bed with a persistent cough or something similar, grab your purring friend 😉.

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Cats have superpowers, there’s no question about that. Not only do they take our hearts (and our beds) by storm, but these majestic creatures can also work wonders for many health issues. Many ailments can be cured or at least improved by cats. However, always remember that cats do not replace doctors!