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Nathalie Sari - Tiertraining & Verhaltensberatung

This article was written by TOBALIE in cooperation with Nathalie Sari - Tiertraining & Verhaltensberatung

With colorful costumes we herald the 40-day fasting period. Carnival parades, masks, disguises of all kinds but also music, food and drink are often part of this custom. But do our animals like this festival?

Costumes for the dog?

Some carnival fans dress up not only themselves but also their pets. Unfortunately, very few animals find the costumes pretty or even funny. If your pet is not used to being dressed up, it means a lot of stress. Most costumes restrict our four-legged friends in their freedom of movement, are uncomfortable and not appropriate for the species.

Are you allowed to dress up your dog?

That depends on your sweetheart. For example, many animals are used to wearing a collar. In this case a man’s bow tie, a colorful scarf or similar is usually no problem. Some animals are also used to wear a coat in winter, you can decorate it. Take care if your darling shows signs of calming and stress, because then you should just let him be a dog. You should refrain from wearing glasses, hats, masks, pompous costumes, etc. Even if you find it incredibly cute, you should refrain from doing so for the sake of your pet. Not only is the extreme stress unfair to your pet, but it can also happen that he will be afraid in the future if you come too close to him with similar things.

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Your pet will be the highlight of the carnivalparty!?

Maybe, but for what price? Loud music, broken glass, drunk and many people, no retreats and unpleasant smells are often no problem for us humans, but our animals are completely overwhelmed by this. Therefore you should better leave your darling at home! If this is difficult for your pet, it is best to look for an animal caretaker and practise staying alone with a trainer for future situations.

So many strange creatures!?

Under the costumes there are people, but that’s not understandable for your pet. The best thing is to practice with him and show him that he has nothing to fear. For this you ask the little pirates and co. to take off their masks and give your dog a reward. If he does not dare to get them, you reward him. The dressed up people should please not approach him any closer, but rather take a step back and let the dog come by itself. Do not lure him, but confirm every approach to the people positively.

If your darling is afraid of you, try to dredd up yourself, if possible, outside the apartment first or at least put on masks outside.

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Carnival is a nice tradition for us humans, but our animals are usually less enthusiastic about it. Make the carnival for your darling as stress-free as possible. So everybody has fun with the funny hustle and bustle.