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This article was written by TOBALIE in cooperation with Nathalie Sari - Tiertraining & Verhaltensberatung

As with humans, it’s not uncommon for the character of your beloved cat to change a little: In the course of a cat’s life, the wildest house tiger can develop into a cosy senior, even the most independent cat can become a cuddly friend.

It is not surprising that older cats have less desire to chase behind their plush mice or other toys. Nevertheless, you should pay attention to rough behavioral changes and consider the needs of your pussy. With increasing age, it is also advisable to ensure that your cat does not jump to the ground from places that are too high, as older bones are more vulnerable.

Free movers, who are more and more restricted in their mobility or have to struggle with age-related health problems, may feel more comfortable in the role of the flat cat. If you don’t want your furry friend to be banned from straying around, a reflective collar can provide more safety. With other conspecifics one notices however little differences to earlier. One of the most famous trademarks of cats is their innate cosiness and their preference for cozy sleeping places.

You can quickly sweeten your beloved cat senior life by making a few simple changes in the household: Instead of throwing treats, you can place them in your favourite hiding places, for example, to ensure little surprises. If your treasure likes to rest on bookshelves, it is advisable to build small stairs to make the ascent safer.

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How to support old cats

  • If your cuddly tiger has problems with his eyes, corners and edges inside the apartment can be softened with soft materials. If you have a completely blind cat at home, you can read valuable tips and tricks under “The blind cat”. Cats are masters at hiding pain, if a cat is looking for loneliness, you should go to a vet as a precaution.
  • Often the greyed pets are susceptible to diabetes mellitus (diabetes), thyroid problems, chronic kidney failure (CNI) or arthrosis. Chronic joint diseases are unfortunately not uncommon even in young cats. Get advice in time and inform yourself about necessary steps. Sometimes even conventional household remedies can help your senior to make the autumn of his years more pleasant. Alzheimer’s disease (the pathological changes in the brain) in cats is very similar to human disease.
  • Older cats also have an increased need for rest. In a turbulent household, where younger members of the same species or children may be out and about, your oldie should find enough retreats that are only intended for him.
  • High stairs can be secured with a children’s grid. You should move corners or places from which your cat may no longer be able to get out or down alone.
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Older cats do not necessarily have to suffer from the signs of aging, but they are subject to the natural process of aging and, like humans, face additional challenges. This is no reason to throw all habits out of the pile, however, by few conversions vulnerable little problems can be avoided and potential sources of accidents can be avoided. Never forget that your treasure remains your treasure even in old age. Too many changes could irritate your cat, because even older cats want to be treated according to their nature. If your aged house tiger may have other needs than a young kitten, they are often still full of zest for life and action.