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This article was written by TOBALIE in cooperation with Nathalie Sari - Tiertraining & Verhaltensberatung

Cats are among the most playful and curious creatures on this planet. Through the game, cats train their hunting skills and test their dexterity. Regular cat plays are not only good for the health of your furry friend, the playtime will also strengthen your bond.

Velvet paws usually love to be encouraged to all kind of games, but they still have their own will. If your treasure is quite busy at the moment with a extensive catlick, a digestive nap or seems to be distracted by something exciting in front of the window, you don’t even have to start trying. Your darling will let you know when the right time has come to start an thrilling game.

Cat fishing rod, play mouse and co.

Cat toys exists like sand in the ocean. When buying toys or craft stuff, you should therefore pay attention to non-toxic and environmentally friendly materials. Your cat doesn’t care how expensive or exclusive the toy is and will soon have tattered the new gift. Don’t be angry with your cat if she dismantles the pretty present in a few minutes: Be happy that your kitty liked the toy and think about the next surprise. Your cat simply rejoices spending time with you.

Cat toys can be easily made yourself. Yet a cardboard box, a thin stick or a piece of crumpled newspaper can provide hours of amusement. Cartons and boxes can be quickly transformed into a little cats paradise. Old packaging materials and discarded clothes are great for hiding boxes, fiddle boards and cuddly toys.

In general, everything that rings and rustles is good for cat plays! The easiest way to encourage your sweet cat to play is acoustically. Small bells can be attached quickly to the cat toy and provide additional fun. But also feathers and fabric remnants on the fishing rod will achieve the desired effect.

Green Rubin - Katzenangel

Die nachhaltige und langlebige Katzenangel aus Sisal und Holz.

What you should keep in mind when playing

When playing with your darling, you can let your imagination run wild and romp around as much as you like. Nevertheless, you should remember that you can make a lot of mistakes while playing. Here are a few things you should heed for the love of your playful fur ball.

  • Do not leave the toys lying around everywhere: Cats are especially looking forward to new challenges and prefer playthings they do not see every day. It’s better to store the toys in a mysterious game box, which makes your treasure curious over and over again.
  • Don’t do things by halves: Your cat will quickly see through half-hearted or forced game situations. You should never just play secondarily with your cat. Small rituals and fixed game structures give your velvet paw a feeling of appreciation and cause a thrill of anticipation for the next game unit.
  • Do not throw toys directly: In nature, the birds won’t fly into the hunter’s mouth neither. Your darling will be rather irritated than amused by the strange prey. Better throw the toy away, so that your cat has to chase after it.
  • Don’t overtax your mouser: To burn out energy is good, but you don’t have to drift to the extreme
  • Let your kitty run out of breath. Here, too, less is more. Adjust the game to the physical condition of your cuddly friend and pay attention to his needs.
  • Don’t get impatient: Cats like to lie in wait. If you don’t want to spoil the fun, you shouldn’t interrupt or accelerate the hunting situation just because it grows boring for you.

Try new things

Playing properly with the cat can also be exhausting: lying in ambush for hours is not everyone’s cup of tea. Nevertheless, for the love of your velvet paw you should stand the gaff, who starts a game must finish it.
Even if cats love to romp around, they don’t always need to play wildly. For example, fumbling boards and hide-and-seek boxes provide welcome variety beyond the popular fishing games.
Clicker training and learning tricks will also be good cat plays. Mental workload is very important if you don’t want your cat to come up with stupid ideas. Cat trainers will be happy to assist you in that cause.



Play with your beloved cat as the whim takes you. Even the simple hide-and-seek game is fun for you and your darling and will bring colour into your everyday life. You should regularly take time to perform game rituals and play with your cat. The main thing is that you have fun together and playing games remains new and exciting.