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Especially in difficult times the fun and the sense for the beautiful things in life is unfortunately sometimes missed out. Therefore this article should be dedicated to the beautiful and pleasant sides of life and let’s be honest, the love for our dogs is sometimes one of the most beautiful things in the world. But do you ever think about whether dogs can feel love too? And what exactly do dogs love? Sure, every animal is an individual, but there are many things in common, which are “loved” by most dogs. Have fun  😉

Can dogs love?

Before we dedicate ourselves to this question, the term love should be examined more closely. What is love? Love is a strong and overwhelming feeling that can drive us out of our minds. It is a state of perfect happiness that can bring us into an intoxicating state. Love can motivate us to good and selfless deeds. Love knows no boundaries, no age, no ethnicity and much more. It is simply the engine of life and stronger than anything else. No matter what we call this state, every living being is a sentient creature with individual needs and tastes. Why should it be different with our furry friends? They are not aware of how to spell love or that there is even a term for it, but they can definitely feel it. And for the skeptics among us: Yes, the cuddling hormone “oxytocin”, the so-called “hormone of love”, is demonstrably released in dogs when they cuddle, play or the like with their owners. But now to an exciting question. What are the things that drive our dogs crazy and warm their hearts?

What do dogs love?


Clearly, one of the most beautiful things in the lives of our beloved dogs (and of course with us humans) are treats and co. Some are small gourmets and prefer extravagant treats, some are like little vacuum cleaners that virtually suck up everything edible. But beware, not everything that seems appetizing for our best friends is good for them.

Sleeping and lazing around:

Also at the top of the ranking list of our dogs, is one of the many “siestas” during the day. After an extensive walk or an exciting game or learning unit, our pets need a rest. Because dogs rest up to 20 hours a day.

Play and fun:

Did you know that dogs are one of the few species of animals that can motivate themselves to play even at an advanced age? Even if the play behavior becomes less in the age, most dogs love it to play with you or comrades still with joy. But if their favourite doll falls apart, how about new toys?

To use their’s wits:

Not only the body wants to be activated, but also the clever minds of our loyal friends want to be kept busy. Many dogs love and need a mental activity to be ideally utilized. Learning is fun. Because a fully occupied dog is a happy dog that is at peace with itself. In addition, it does us humans and the human-animal relationship also very well. 

Extensive walks:

A short walk around the block is definitely not enough to make our dogs happy. Dogs need and love exercise in the fresh air and in nature. If you are looking for ideas for excursions, you can have a look here.

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Sometimes the nicest thing about being a dog parent. Also many of our little angels on four paws enjoy every loving touch from us and enjoy every kind of attention. Some dogs are real “cuddle monsters” and want to cuddle with their masters or mistresses around the clock, other dogs are very sparing with their proofs of love. It is important to respect the individual need for closeness and distance.

Fur- and body care:

When dogs are rolling around frugally in carrion or something like that,  or they are covered with countless awns, it is natural for dogs to be allowed to be the most beautiful dog. But afterwards the fur has to be groomed. Then the bathtub or extensive fur and body care is probably the order of the day. Some dogs love the water, others rather enjoy the daily brushing of the coat including a gentle massage. When the little ears start to stink or the talons mutate into real claws, it is not so much an aesthetic problem for our pets as a health problem. So it is better to get used to grooming right from the start, then it is also more pleasant for your darling.

Social contacts:

Dogs are known to be very social animals who not only like but also need contact with other dogs of the same species. Of course there are also loners in the dog world, but at least everyone has at least a few friends. If there are any problems regarding your dog’s behaviour (e.g. aggression towards other dogs), you can contact a competent dog trainer. Sometimes you only have to turn a small wheel and everything is more relaxed.


Yes, for many dogs hunting is also one of the most beautiful things in their dog’s life, although many owners do not like it. It is a natural instinct that can be used positively for many things.


Our dogs are masters in observing and can judge situations well. Also your behaviour will be analysed by your darling, so he always knows what you are doing. Also the body language of his conspecifics is closely examined to avoid conflict situations.  Their curiosity lets them discover and learn new things. The one or other adventure is a welcome change for many our four-legged friends. For some dogs it is the most beautiful to have a good view and just to observe. 

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Every dog is an individual with different needs and preferences, but there are countless things that many dogs love. The top ten of the most cherished things of dogs is only a beginning. On place 1 is and remains the untouchable and perfect love between humans and dogs.