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Admittedly, cats are not exactly undemanding animals: They have a will of their own and like things going their way. But honestly, is that so hard to understand? We humans also orientate our lives strongly towards what we like and what we don’t like. Certain preferences shape our character and that goes for cats too. But there are a few things that almost no cat can stand. What cats really do not like at all, is summarized in the following for you.

1. Myth Grumpy Cat

No cat is grumpy or bad-tempered by nature. Dissatisfaction is, same as with humans, no feeling that appears without any reason. It is mainly evoked by things and environmental influences that annoy or disturb us. Our likes and dislikes are very individual. Cats try to communicate clearly what they don’t like by their behaviour. To understand is to listen properly.

2. Getting wet involuntarily

Cats love and hate water at the same time. A refreshing drink or a funny splashing cat fountain will almost never make a house cat flee. There are even specimens that from time to time happily romp around in the cool water or swim in it. But what cats don’t like is to be splashed with water or get a wet load poured over them.

3. Being woken up

Cats spend a considerable number of hours a day sleeping and dozing. They do not like to be disturbed and do not like to be woken up. If you prefer not to annoy your cat, you should let your darling wake up by itself.

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4. Noises that are too loud

Cats like rustling and ringing noises when playing, that’s true. However, cats have extremely sensitive hearing, so volume is a critical factor. Too shrill and loud noise is, for almost all cats, an absolute taboo.

5. Unloved smells

Some smells scare even the most unappalled little tiger away. Essential oils and hot spices like pepper or chili are at the top of the shortlist of scents that cats don’t like. Also the intensive smell of clove, citrus or mint oil makes even stubborn strays scram – That’s just too much for the fine fur noses.

Likewise the smell of coffee grounds and lawn cuttings is rather unpopular in the world of cats. The piss- off plant (coleus comosus) is, as the name suggests, an absolute no-go. It’s strange but true: cats can’t stand the scent of banana peels. Some other scents are even toxic for our cats.

A dirty litter box and old food is one of the biggest odor nuisances for clean velvet paws. Cats are big fans of hygiene and can quickly lose their good mood if the feeding place or toilet is not neat and fresh.

6. Too much change and stress

A little variety is never wrong, but the routine of cats should not be disturbed. If you want to take your cat with you on vacation, you should also keep in mind that you won’t give your little buddy much pleasure. If you want to take your pet with you, you should slowly get him used to it from a very young age. Stress situations and restlessness in general, cozy house cats avoid like the plague.

7. Too much or too little attention

Cats do not like it at all if you stare at them or watch them too long. Especially when they are eating, cleaning or relaxing. Too little attention is even worse. Cats are highly sensitive creatures that need a lot of affection and hate to be ignored.

8. Being locked up

House or apartment cats are in contrast to outdoor cats used to limit their territory to four walls and can also lead a happy and fulfilled life indoor. Therefore you should leave all doors open as much as possible so that your treasure does not feel locked up in its own home. Closed doors can quickly make cats feel restricted in their freedom, because they love to roam the rooms and explore all corners again and again for a new favorite spot or hiding place. If you have enough space, you can always open up another room to provide variety in the cat’s life.

9. To be bored

Cats are among the most playful creatures in the world. If there is something that the intelligent velvet paws do not like at all it is boredom. That’s why you should always offer your cat new games and diversion.

10. Being harassed

You have probably already noticed: The less you press your sweetheart to cuddle and snuggle with you, the sooner he will demand his caresses all by himself. If you want to stroke, touch and lift your cat most of the time, you will soon feel its displeasure. Particularly if you proceed too impetuously or roughly on that occasion. In the best case, the cat tolerates the annoying strokes patiently.

How many cuddles your pet wants is completely individual.

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Every cat is an individual and has its own preferences and tolerance limits. The better you know your pet, the more you will know what your little friend absolutely dislikes and what you should not do. Not all cats are the same, but there are some things that almost every cat truly hates. If your cat seems moody, grumpy or even insulted, you have probably annoyed her with something. Try to put yourself in the shoes of your darling to satisfy his needs and to be considerate of him, because no cat is bad-tempered by nature.