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This article was written by TOBALIE in cooperation with Nathalie Sari - Tiertraining & Verhaltensberatung

Have you ever asked yourself the question, what is especially unpopular for our dogs? What are the things that literally annoy our beloved furry friends and can also harm them in further consequence?
What dogs don’t like, of course, cannot be generalized. Some dogs don’t like cats, some others don’t  like a certain dog food. However, the following Top 10 give a small overview of what our beloved pets generally do not like:


No question, dogs belong to the family and you want to offer them only the best. However, you should keep in mind that not everything that is good and pleasing to us humans is also popular with our dogs. Little bows in the hair, painted claws, going for a ride in the doll’s pram are all things that not only take away the dog’s dignity, but can also be partially harmful.  

Not animal-friendly nutrition:

At this point our dogs would probably contradict us if they could. Because our esteemed friends like our food only too gladly. Nevertheless there are foods that can be poisonous for dogs. 

Even if you can often hardly resist their faithful look, you should pay attention to a species-appropriate nutrition with high-quality dog food.

Unclear announcements:

“Rocky, I told you a thousand times not to jump on the couch!” A clear „NO“ would probably be more appropriate here. Dogs sometimes understand us better than we think (and sometimes even want to ;)), but clear signals and an unambiguous body and signal language are the be-all and end-all in communication with dogs.  


Once Rocky may jump on the couch and then again not? How should a dog know how to do this. Consistency in your own behavior is not only meaningful and goal-oriented for a dog, but also gives him security.

No social contacts:

Fact is, dogs are social creatures. They enjoy and need the contact to conspecifics. A dog, which is rarely allowed to play and romp with others, can become behaviorally conspicuous.

Being alone:

Dogs don’t like to be alone and want to be everywhere around. Sure, sometimes it is not possible otherwise, especially if the owner is working, but even then certain things should be considered.

Before leaving alone, the dog should get all his needs satisfied, especially if he has to be alone for a longer time. As a rule, however, 4 hours should not be exceeded. If nevertheless, an animal sitter is recommended.

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Under- or overemployment:

It is said that a utilized dog is a happy and obedient dog. Utilized means here not only the daily run, but also the mental occupation. A bored dog quickly gets “stupid ideas”. 

Dogs are intelligent, inquisitive and active creatures who want to experience varied and fun adventures. Also their little head would like to be strained and amused regularly.

But even too much of a good thing is not healthy for our darlings and leads to stress. The rest phases should therefore always be observed. 

Chronic stress:

Can become a problem not only for us humans. It has been proven that certain allergies are due to chronic stress. Make sure that your pet gets regular time out and undisturbed sleep. In general, you should pay attention to a healthy level of physical and mental workload.

Lack of expressions of love and strokes:

The needs of a dog include not only a species-appropriate diet, daily exercise and mental activity. Dogs are sentient, sensitive and above all loving beings who not only need the affection of their dog parents, but also deserve it.

Furthermore they deserve a non-violent contact. Loud screaming or even fisticuffs are a No Go for our pets.

Strong smells/ loud noises:

Dogs can clearly smell better than humans.  Also, the sense of hearing is much more pronounced with them. Shrillness, loud sounds (fireworks, too loud music, etc.) and some intense smells (perfumes, room sprays, cleaning agents, etc.) can be not only disturbing but also tormenting for some dogs

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What dogs like or dislike is different from dog to dog, because every animal is an individual. However, there are a number of things that every owner should consciously pay attention to in order to meet the needs of your furry friend in a species-appropriate way.