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Nathalie Sari - Tiertraining & Verhaltensberatung

This article was written by TOBALIE in cooperation with Nathalie Sari - Tiertraining & Verhaltensberatung

Talking to animals is the dream of many children. Unfortunately, they are usually quickly talked out of this wish. But the children’s wish is not so absurd, because you can communicate with animals just like with anything else and that is by means of animal communication.

Can you talk to animals?

Everyone communicates every day. But due to the current change of time, many people have lost or simply forgotten the consciousness of BEING and the attentiveness towards their animals and finally also themselves. Babies get the language of the animals still quite naturally. Around the age of two, when the fontanelle (growth plate of the skull) closes, it becomes increasingly difficult for children to maintain the connection to the energy field.

But every human being is able to relearn telepathy and to perceive the energy fields that help us to understand animals. Meanwhile, this has even been scientifically proven, for example by Rupert Sheldrake.

How does talking to animals work?

We have to train our clairvoyant senses in the process. Some people hear voices when talking to an animal, others see pictures, smell, feel or taste something.

The first step is to work on oneself, to dissolve beliefs and to know oneself and one’s thoughts. Often meditations help to calm one’s thoughts and to be open to perception.

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Do animals understand us?

Animals do not understand our words or our language. So even a Spanish dog will be able to respond to “sit.” He doesn’t understand the language, but he understands the energy of the words and the images we create in our thoughts. It’s like a baby, it can’t talk when it comes into the world, but it understands exactly when its mother is happy and when she is not.

So an old dog does not understand why he suddenly always has to stay at home. He was allowed to go everywhere else. You want to spare him, of course, but he doesn’t realize that. Often he gets quieter and quieter and doesn’t really take part in life anymore. The owners often interpret this as normal aging. But this is not so. Some animals are in top shape until the end.

Animals have a good connection to their 6th sense. Have you ever just thought, “I’m going to feed the dog now”? It’s out of normal time because you have another appointment. The dog gets up and goes to the kitchen. Or have you ever gone to your horse two hours early and he’s standing waiting by the fence? All this is communication.

There is no animal twice, not even from a mother. Animals live in the here and now. Past and future are foreign to them. Moreover, they do NOT understand the word.

An example: A dog is born as a guarddog. They don’t have to learn that, it’s genetically predetermined. One more the other less. So now if you have a dog that has to constantly tell you what he sees: Children from the neighbor, cat, the grass is growing etc. and you say to him: “Don’t bark”, he only understands “BELL” and is totally wondering why you are so upset. He is just doing his job.

Misunderstandings in everyday life?

Many people are annoyed and stressed at work, don’t allow themselves a break, and only rush from A to B. They have lost their sensitivity. 

An example: You sit on the couch and play on your cell phone. Your dog is normally fed around 5 pm. Usually he is in the door 5 minutes earlier. You say, “Yep, I’ll be right there,” which you don’t do. Then the dog starts running up and down the hall, usually not silently. And finally, he shreds the garbage bag you forgot to carry downstairs. Who is to blame then? The bad dog. If you had looked or listened before, the situation wouldn’t have happened.

Another example: In winter, we humans are usually wrapped up warmly in hats, scarves and gloves. Our four-legged friends, on the other hand, are often shivering from the cold. Some of them would be happy about a coat. Now of course the discussion starts again, a dog has a fur and does not need a coat. Yes that is true, if the dog has undercoat, lives outside and moves constantly. However, this does not apply to dogs that have a short coat without an undercoat, puppies or old dogs that have to sit on the cold asphalt. They usually come from a 24-degree apartment to minus 10 degrees outside, which is as uncomfortable for most dogs as it is for us. By looking and empathizing, I can avoid this situation.

Mindfulness and relationship with the animal

Animal interpreters would like to sensitize you for such topics again. This starts with the choice of the right animal. If I harmonize the needs of the animal and mine, I can avoid the majority of diseases and the resulting costs. Therefore, information about the breed and its needs, feeding, husbandry and exercise is very important. If I want a husky because I like it so much, but I live in a high-rise on the 7th floor and have a handicap, this relationship will not work.

If I already have an animal and want to understand it better, mindfulness and awareness are beneficial. If you would like to have support with this, contact a certified animal interpreter or animal communicator.

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Talking to animals is actually something quite natural. Unfortunately, in the course of time and in our stressful everyday life, we have forgotten how to understand them. Try to pay more attention to your darling and to fulfill his needs, then you will also have a good relationship with him. You already have the energy filling station, even if it is not always clear to you.