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This article was written by TOBALIE in cooperation with Nathalie Sari - Tiertraining & Verhaltensberatung

Man’s best friend by day, locked out at night? The question of whether a beloved pet is allowed to share a bed with a bed is a divisive one. What advantages it has, you can find out here.

Cuddling time with pet

Provided that your darling knows and appreciates the closeness and physical contact, such a cuddle time has many advantages. Because who doesn’t feel cuddled up with their loved ones and feel safe and secure? Not only is the bond between man and animal strengthened, but oxytocin, the so-called cuddling hormone, is also released. If the people involved are familiar with each other and want to cuddle, their well-being is increased. Sometimes even intensive eye contact has a calming effect.

Oxytocin influence:

  • Stress reducing
  • Analgesic
  • Soothing and anxiety-relieving
  • Blood pressure-lowering
  • Anti-inflammatory
  • Self-rewarding through the activation of the reward hormone dopamine
  • Promotes familiarity and social competence
  • Works against depression
  • Umm.

Not every animal wants to be cuddled. Some prefer light body contact, others prefer extended massages and caresses and some would rather be left alone. Observe what is pleasant for your pet and when he feels uncomfortable.

Dog in the bedroom?

You should be sure about this. Once in bed, always in bed. Because if the cute puppy is allowed to go to bed and is thrown out as an adult, this leads to incomprehension, unnecessary stress and is not fair. So set clear rules and stay consistent.

A big myth, which unfortunately still persists, is that animals that are allowed to get on the couch or even into bed become dominant. The theory of dominance or hierarchy has long been outdated and is based on observations of wolves living in captivity. So you can be reassured, your darling will not take over world domination, on the contrary, contact lying or cuddling is important for social creatures.

your 3d design dogbed

Advantages from dog in bed:

  • All advantages of oxytocin
  • Comfortable and cosy
  • Natural warmth dispenser on cold nights
  • Immune system is strengthened
  • According to a study by American researchers at the Mayo Sleep Clinic in Scottsdale, Arizona, most people sleep better when their pet sleeps next to them.
  • You will know in time if your pet is not feeling well (e.g. diarrhoea)

Disadvantages from dog in bed:

  • Hair in bed (regular grooming can counteract this)
  • The smallest animal suddenly needs a lot of space in bed 😉
  • Partnership and intimacy can suffer
  • Disturbing for light sleep or allergies

Children and immunocompromised people should pay special attention to hygiene, especially with outdoor animals, even outside the bedroom. (excrement control for parasites, mouth and fur care, …).

Even if your pet is allowed to sleep in your bed, it must still have its own place to sleep, where it has peace and a place to retreat.

Alternatives to bed?

If you decide against sharing your bed, this is completely ok, but you should not forget to cuddle.

  • Maybe your darling can’t go to bed, but he can go on the couch? The couch can be easily cleaned with covers laid over it.
  • Put a basket for your pet next to your bed. That way you are close to each other, but have your own area.
  • Set up a cozy corner. A small mattress, blankets, large cushions, animal bed or carpet can create a cosy corner where you can sit with your pet.

Important: There should be a place of retreat (box, basket, blanket, …) where your animal will not be disturbed, i.e. not be stroked. Cuddling is great, but the advantages are based on voluntariness, so your pet should also be allowed to retreat if it gets too much.

Not everyone likes it cuddly and warm, some animals prefer the cool tiled floor, especially in summer. Observe which place your pet prefers and set up a resting place there, according to your pet’s taste.

Hund schläft im Bett


Animals in bed can contribute to a relaxed sleep. Depending on the character of the animal and your personal preferences, it is therefore useful to share your bed. Listen to your gut feeling and stick to your decision. In any case, offer your pet a place of retreat and plan space and time for cuddling hours. Good night!