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Many people celebrate christmas with their loved ones. Some families keep it traditional, others celebrate only the christmas roast and the gifts to their loved ones. Did you know that the custom of giving presents on christmas eve has existed since the 16th century? Originally, only children were given presents to increase their interest in the feast of the birth of Jesus Christ. Nowadays we don’t make such a big difference who we give presents to. And because we love our pets so much, we want to make them happy for christmas. If you are looking for a gift for your pet, read this article or visit our species-appropriate online shop.

Species-appropriate gifts

Each animal has its individual needs and interests. It probably makes little sense to set up an agility course for a lazy cat à la Garfield. So before you put things in your shopping cart, think about what your favorite likes and needs.  It is very important that you pay attention to species- appropriate toys, food and accessories. In many toys and co., for example, harmful substances have been found that can become a health hazard for your pet. Also commercial food, consists to a large extent of unhealthy ingredients. So open your eyes when buying gifts and food!  Fortunately, there are now harmless alternatives. Some companies have specialized in pollutant-free products and high-quality feed that are good for your animal and the environment. With TOBALIE you are definitely on the safe side, if you want to shop in a species-appropriate way.

Keep your eyes open when decorating your home! Many decorative items and the like can also become a health hazard for your pet.  You can read more in the article “Christmas is coming: pet-friendly preparation”. Let your animal be an animal. A dog in a Christmas costume or a cat with reindeer antlers may look cute, but it’s questionable to what extent it’s “natural and species-appropriate”.

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Still no gift idea?

It is well known that the price is not the value of a gift. Your darling will certainly enjoy something you have made by yourself. Or have you ever tried your hand as an animal biscuit baker?

  • Homemade dog and cat snacks: There are no limits to your imagination! From tasty cheese biscuits for dogs to cat biscuits with tuna fish. However, you should always pay attention to the ingredients, because there are some foods that can be poisonous for dogs and cats. Also consider possible food intolerances and taste preferences of your pet. Be aware that not only we humans gain weight, when we nibble a lot.
  • Dogs and cats toys homemade: You can also be very creative here. You can make great and exciting gifts from toilet paper rolls, old socks, boxes etc.. Or how about a sniffer carpet, for example? Use the best untreated natural materials. For stimulating ideas with instructions click on the following links: Make your own cat toys or make your own dog toys.
  • Time for two: How about shared experiences? As curious and willing to learn animals, dogs and cats will certainly enjoy action. Maybe a training session, a course (mantrailing, movement training, …), walks with animal friends, a massage session or a sports session? Depending on what your treasure loves, you will surely find a suitable experience. 


Why shouldn’t Santa also come to our beloved pets if they were good all year round? Our animal family members are just as happy about one or the other gift. If you are still looking for an animal-friendly christmas present for your friend, have a look at the TOBALIE online shop or make something beautiful. Have fun shopping, doing handicrafts and baking for your darling. TOBALIE wishes you a nice gift!