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This article was written by TOBALIE in cooperation with Nathalie Sari - Tiertraining & Verhaltensberatung

If you are wondering what constitutes a happy and species-appropriate cat life, TOBALIE can help you. In addition to intensive care, such as extensive cuddling and brushing, our kitties want to be regularly busy with cat activities. Not only physical activity should be part of our daily program, our clever and curious furry friends also love mental challenges. You can read about how to keep your fluffy friend busy here:

Variety of cat activities

Cats have a very inquisitive and playful nature and love variety. Hunting the same toy mouse every day, is not much fun for the cat in the long run and does not necessarily promote its sharp mind. A bored cat also tends to make jokes, will get bored with the furniture or may start to mark your couch. In the free nature a cat can follow its instincts, as for example the hunting instinct, in a natural way. With a cat who stays at home you are asked to play with your cat  extensively. Meanwhile there is already an abundance of cat toys. If your cat’s beloved cat fishing rod gets too boring or your favourite rattle ball has mysteriously disappeared or you just want to try something new.

Green Rubin - Katzenangel

Die nachhaltige und langlebige Katzenangel aus Sisal und Holz.

What cat activities can you do?

  • Catagility: Yes, you have read correctly, not only dogs can enjoy this exciting course. This is an obstacle course where not only your cat’s body is challenged, but also its mind. Cat Agility brings in any case more fun and movement into the life of an apartment cat and it also promotes the human-animal relationship.
  • Intelligence toys: Stimulates the ability to think and concentrate.
  • Walk on a leash: If your cat has a strong urge for freedom, but it is too dangerous for various reasons to let it go alone on the stalk.  
  • Search games: In the wild cats have to hunt for their food, at home it falls into the bowl as if by magic. How about you hide her some treats in the apartment, for example in boxes, snack balls or something similar? Instincts like the hunting instinct are thereby promoted.  Be careful not to exceed the daily food ration, otherwise you will soon have a lazy „Garfield“ at home.  
  • Catfish: The cat can live out its natural hunting behavior.
  • Laser pointer: Very popular among cat lovers, but beware, this game can quickly become frustrating for the velvet paw because it can’t catch anything. So always point with the laser pointer to a toy or a treat that she can catch. And please never shine it into the eyes.
  • Sniffing carpet & fumbling boards: The cat has to work out its reward. It is a popular activity that also makes tired.
  • Retrieve: A cat, which brings its play mouse on command, is without doubt an unusual picture. But cats can also enjoy this interactive game as it encourages hunting and lurking and strengthens your relationship.  
  • A trick:  Commands like seat and space are no longer a problem? Then it might be time to learn something new to your fur nose. You’ll be surprised how many tricks your cat can learn.   
  • Water games: Cats are considered afraid of water, but not everyone is. Some specimens are even real water rats. How about a homemade cat pool where little balls filled with delicious snacks swim?  
  • Make your own cat toys: Any roll of toilet paper, old socks or newspaper can be reused as a cat toy. Caution with cords or small parts, these can be swallowed or lead to injuries.

Cat activities

There are no limits to your fantasy as long as your cat enjoys it. Don’t force your cat to practice. Most people quickly realize how much fun it is and come by themselves. If you notice that your cat becomes less concentrated, end the training with a positive conclusion. Our trainers will be happy to help you find the right activity for you.

Katze beschäftigen


A busy cat is a happy cat. Not only the head wants to be busy, also the play and movement urge of your cat must be planned for time. Particularly pure flat cats are often bored and develop some behaviors, which are not necessarily desired. For this reason, it is recommended to arrange the activities with your cat as varied and exciting as possible. TOBALIE wishes you lots of fun trying it out.