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Nathalie Sari - Tiertraining & Verhaltensberatung

This article was written by TOBALIE in cooperation with Nathalie Sari - Tiertraining & Verhaltensberatung

All pet owners want their pet to live a long and healthy life. In our stressful everyday lives, it is often difficult for us to recognise small signs of unwellness. Many animals do not show clearly that they are unwell until quite late in life. In order to simplify everyday life with your pet, to provide you with knowledge and to always have everything at hand, you can now create a pet profile in the TOBALIE Pet App. Find out what it can do here.

What are the advantages of the animal profile?

  • Live more consciously. By entering your pet’s health on a daily basis, you take a more conscious look at your pet.
  • You will be informed of any abnormalities in your pet’s health.
  • Veterinarians, animal trainers and other experts are pleased with the detailed health record. This makes it easier to recognise the causes of illnesses and behavioural problems and to deal with them properly.
  • You can also share the pet profile with friends, family, sitters, etc.. This way, they have access to all important data about your pet in case of an emergency.
  • Specialist articles are recommended to refresh your knowledge.
  • Individually tailored to your interests and the needs of your pet!

Use the many functions!

In the pet app, all important data about your pet is stored in the pet profile. Starting with the basics (name, age, sex, breed) to the chip number to allergies/intolerances and important information about your pet. You have everything clearly arranged and can easily make new entries.

Create entries – your pet’s diary

In it, you record important events. For example, training successes, health issues, who you met today, but also what might not have gone so smoothly. With the help of hashtags, you can find your entries again later. For example, if you enter the hashtag #FirstHeat, you can filter by it and see a clear overview of the past first-heats.

Photos and videos

Save photos and videos. You can save your most beautiful photos as well as photo documentation, e.g. of an illness (skin changes, etc.). Share the animal profile with your animal trainer, for example, so that he/she can have a look at the videos and get a better picture of the problem or the progress. If necessary, the expert can comment under your video to give you tips. The expert’s comments will only be visible to you when sharing.

Measuring the weight curve

With puppies it is important to keep an eye on the growth curve, but diseases can also often be detected earlier in the weight curve. Is the calorie intake right? You can see from the curve whether your pet is gaining or losing weight unintentionally. You can find out how often you should weigh your pet and what the ideal weight is here.

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Create your own counters

Here you have the possibility to create a tracker for any topic you want to keep an eye on with your pet. For example, blood sugar values for diabetics, seizures for epileptics, frequency of vomiting, but also training progress and much more can be measured and displayed graphically.

Daily state of health

This records the most important health data. For example, how high today’s stress/rest level was, faeces consistency, drinking behaviour and much more. You only need to click on the relevant values and you will see when a value falls outside the norm. It is best to enter the values daily in order to recognise patterns and correlations and to be notified in case of fluctuations.


Record and save your daily walks. Not only can you keep track of your pet’s activity, you can save your favourite routes and share them with friends. The pet app gives you personalised tips and information.

Vaccination certificate

Enter your pet’s vaccinations in the digital vaccination passport and you will be reminded in good time of upcoming immunisations.

Invoices and findings

Store and manage your pet’s bills and medical reports. This way you can keep track of your pet’s expenses. You always have the findings with you and they can be shared with experts. If you are travelling and need to visit a veterinary clinic, you can quickly send them all the important data. This way, your pet can be helped quickly and you save yourself from having to do several examinations twice.

Appointment reminders

You have your animal appointments in view and are reminded of them. These can be appointments with service providers, but also reminders to buy food and much more.

Pet lost?

If your pet has run away, set the pet profile to missing. All surrounding service providers (vets, trainers, animal shelters, etc.) will be informed automatically. Your pet will appear on the map under “missing pets”. You can share this yourself in order to find your pet as quickly as possible. If someone finds your pet, they can contact you quickly.

And many other important functions to keep your pet healthy.


With the TOBALIE pet profile you can easily keep an eye on your pet’s health. You get individually adapted information and products. This way you can keep an eye on everything and are well prepared for everyday life with your pet.