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Quit smoking, do more sports or eat healthy. Who doesn’t know them, all the good resolutions for the next year, which are usually forgotten after a month?! But of course they do exist, motivated people with perseverance and discipline. Are you looking for new activities, hobbies etc. where not only you get your money’s worth? Would you like to include your furry friend in your new year’s resolutions, so that your darling also benefits from your plans? Here are a few proposals.

New year’s resolutions for and with dogs and cats

  • Vacation with a pet: Admittedly, going on vacation together without a dog usually proves to be less complicated. Nevertheless, it is also possible to take your pet with you. On what you should pay attention, you can read under the following article: Vacation with dog, vacation with cat

Are you looking for a pet-friendly accommodation? This way!

  • Discover new walking routes: To gain new impressions and get out of the daily routine, you don’t necessarily have to go on vacation. Simply find new walking routes or discover nature on days off. When hiking with your dog, you can really switch off and your best friend can discover some new things. 
  • Exciting shared experiences: Ever heard of mantrailing, agility alternatives or a sniffing mystery? These activities will not only keep your beloved dog physically and mentally busy. Nice side effect: Promotes the human-animal relationship.

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  • Make your own toys: If you’re not a fan of shopping, but still want to give your darling something new, how about making something yourself? In the article creative toys by your own, you will certainly find all sorts of inspiration. 
  • Training: In addition to regular physical exercise, our cherished pets also need sufficient mental occupation. There are now a variety of intelligence toys that can positively influence the mental health of dogs and cats. Clicker training, for instance, leads to quick learning success and can provide tremendous fun for you and your pet. 
  • Education: “Sit” already works quite well, “Here” maybe not quite yet? A good resolution would be, for example, to learn new signals, or to train on unwanted behavior of dog and cat. Let yourself be supported by certified animal trainers!
  • Change of nutrition: Your beloved pet does not tolerate his usual food anymore or rejects it more and more? You simply want to do something good for your pet? A healthy, balanced diet is essential for body and soul. Pet nutritionists will be happy to tell you about the different foods and nutritional options.
  • Expand the family: What’s better than a household with one pet? A household with several pets!? But sometimes it can’t be as simple as you imagine. There are a number of things to consider when pursuing the plan to adopt another pet. Inform yourself sufficiently in advance: multi-cat household, second dog comes to it 
  • Practice mindfulness: Last but not least, on this list you’ll find a resolution to be more mindful of the world next year, that is, to live more in the here and now. You can try to practice this in many situations, be it cuddling your pet, grooming their fur or going for a walk. Try to focus on one thing at a time, enjoy it, and not be preoccupied with the next to-do list. 


New year’s resolutions don’t always have to be about you, you can also make resolutions for your loved ones. As the owner of a pet, you are always trying to do something good for your darling. The top 10 resolutions for and with dogs and cats may inspire you in this project. Happy New Year!