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With homemade cat toys you can make your darling a great joy. In addition, regular play units are not only good for the health of your house tiger, but also strengthen your bond.

You are no architect, carpenter or tinkering genius and can’t build your favourite a small dream house or construct a climbing garden? Don’t worry, the simplest things often bring the most joy. Your cat doesn’t care how expensive or exclusive the toy is. The main thing is that you have fun together and it stays new and exciting.How you can make great cat toys yourself and what you should pay attention to, you can learn here.

Craft corners

Old newspapers, paper scraps, packaging materials or rustling balls for rummage boxes offer a quick solution with fun guarantee as crackling filling material. In autumn, chestnuts, walnuts or large fir cones can be used as toys. You can make many imaginative fishing toys and fishing rods out of soft feathers, fabric remnants, ribbons and a few rods or sticks of different lengths. With just a few scraps of cloth attached to the end of the fishing rod, you can quickly create a kind of game mop that will surely please your cat.

Discarded socks and garments are an excellent basis for cuddly toys: Simply sew the open fabric edges together and leave enough space to stuff. You can then decorate the finished toy with short ribbons as you wish. If you want to give your cat a special treat, mix some dried earth, catnip or other herbs with the filling material. From now on collect all the toilet paper rolls, because all kinds of toys can be made out of them. You can thread them on a rope and equip them with treats. You can also reuse egg cartons.

Green Rubin - Katzenangel

Die nachhaltige und langlebige Katzenangel aus Sisal und Holz.

Do-it-yourself Ideas

  • Hide and Seek Box: Simply measure out a sturdy box or cardboard box and, depending on the size, line it with many small paper boxes. Even the cardboard itself usually has a magical attraction. Now hide another surprise for your cat in each box. Everything that’s fun can go inside: treats, balls, bells, variously filled scented bags, natural materials, etc. will amaze your darling.
  • Fumble board: Attach various tactile objects to a stable, flat base made of cardboard, plastic or wood: toilet paper rolls, but also movable “fumble stations”, such as ropes invite the cat to touch and explore.
  • Cat Origami: Little treats packed in origami figures are a welcome way to surprise your cat. If this is too expensive for you, you can simply crumple the treats into paper. Your cat will enjoy cutting them up anyway.
  • Funny punching ball: Take the coil spring from an old college block and put it in a sturdy cardboard box. Now attach a bait (table tennis balls, feather balls or rubber balls are particularly suitable) to the upper end of the spiral spring and decorate it with feathers, bells or leftovers as you please.

If you don’t have enough time to do it yourself, have a look at the online shop. There you will find a selection of cat toys.

Caution is required with the following things

  • Small objects that can be swallowed (marbles, stones, …)
  • Point and sharp objects (needles, metal edges, paperclips, …)
  • cords (elastic bands, threads, …)
  • craft materials (glitter, glue, foils, …)

Watch your cat play and make sure it doesn’t swallow or injure itself in the wild game.

rote Katze beim Spielen


Cats are curious and love variety. When creating cat toys, you can let your creativity run wild. Many things you certainly have at home and can easily recycle. Even the simplest things can be quickly converted into wonderful toys.